The Blogging Begins

I started writing a blog in March of this year on a site that wasn’t so great for blogging. A very good friend who does a great blog called Raising Master Max put me onto this site. Much easier, thank you. So I thought I’d start this new site with my other first blog pasted across to here:-

So where to start and just as importantly, where to continue. I suppose for a first blog the important step would be to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Brown and I’m a 41 year old Actor, Comedian, Father, Husband, Son, Uncle, Cousin, Grandson, Nephew, Friend and Paint Salesman and I have good, bad, great and heartbreaking experiences and stories from all of these areas.

I am the proud dad of four amazing kids. My oldest is 21 years old boy and who lives and works in Ballarat. He lives with his mum. I’d love to say some horribly nasty things about the ex but she has done a great job of raising a top bloke. So a lot is forgiven.

The other reason she is forgiven is because if she didn’t get rid of me I may never have met the beautiful lady that I have been with for nearly 18 years with more than 14 of those (most of the time) very happily married. We have 3 beautiful kids together, 11 year old boy, 9 year old girl and a 3 year old girl.

I have to say that one thing each child teaches us is that we learnt nothing the previous time that is any way helpful. The personalities, wants, needs and demands vary so much that sometimes I wonder if they’re all from the same planet. The list of individual examples is more than enough material to blog about for years.

I would also like to share my experiences as an actor and more to the point, as an actor trying to get work. A ditto to that with the stand up comedy but very different stories with some similarities sometimes.

My years of experience in various paint shops has some stories to share as well. After nearly 23 years in retail and dealing with the public I was growing a very strong hatred towards humanity and people in general. For most of 2011 and 2012 I would come home, mutter repeatedly “People are stupid” and try to hide from society.

During my hiding there may have been one or two extra beers and quite possibly a little bit less exercise than a person should do. By late last year i was at the heaviest I have ever been before so I decided to something about about it. I did a little bit of exercise and food changing then decided that Christmas was going to be a write off anyway and stopped until 1st January when I stood on the scales again. Since then I have dropped about 7.5kg and even more importantly about 10cm off my waist. I’m running further and faster every morning and most days I’m feeling a lot better about this. A lot of help on diet thanks to a new great friend James West from Westfleet Fitness too.

Yep, not a lot of detail about anything here, just some background. Maybe I’ll copy and paste most of it into the about me bit one day and in the future do blogs about a something instead of several. But like I said, this was an intro. Thanks for reading this far, it was nice to meet you too.

Catch you next week.


6 thoughts on “The Blogging Begins

  1. well done Andrew, a great read and can relate a lot to your story well except for the poo parts lol thank god out of all the things my girls never did that 🙂

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