Some Days Are Definitely Better Than Others

As I previously mentioned. This is my 2nd attempt to be a blogger. The other website not really working so well. This was the 2nd blog I did on that site back in March of this year:-

After a couple of tough weeks dealing with some personal issues that were extra frustrating because they weren’t my personal issues. I’m not saying I don’t have any of my own. Oh boy, do I have plenty of my own. Anyway, I have now sorted it out and moved on.

I got to spend yesterday just me and the family and a trek to the Adventure Park near Geelong. A smaller version of Gold Coast’s Wet n Wild World. Only slightly cheaper with a quarter of the rides. I suppose, being in Victoria, a water theme park has to charge lots to cover the 8 months they will have no customers.

Of late I have had so much going on from the upcoming comedy festival show, starting a new comedy room, remembering and researching scripts for a film and a day on Neighbours as well as ongoing weekly comedy gigs that even when I spend time with my family my mind is busy elsewhere, stressing about what I’m not doing. Then when I get back to work my mind is busy feeling guilty for not being mentally available to my kids when I was with them.

Which in summary means I don’t do either efficiently and by the end of the week am totally exhausted physically and mentally from all the worry and stress and lets not add trying to find money to pay bills. My head hurts.

Somehow, this drive, this one hour drive, (Are we there yet? This is taking forever? How much longer?) put me with my family. At the park it was just me and the kids, some rides, some water slides and an icy breeze coming up from the Antarctic. We had a ball.

My mind wasn’t wandering back to the things I hadn’t done yet or should be doing now or even planning for tomorrow. It was there, laughing, sliding, and getting splashed in the face and the best day we have had as a family in a long time.

We promised to take the kids over the school holidays but the finances at the time just didn’t allow it. Sitting down to explain to an 11yo boy and his 9yo sister that bad news that we wouldn’t be going was tough. What really cut deep was when JB (11) put a forced brave smile on, stood up, said “I thought that might happen”, gave me hug and went to his room to distract himself in whatever toy/game he was into that day.

Not even NB (our over dramatic 9 year old) broke into her normal screaming rage of how unfair we are and telling us how much we hate her and always do this to her. She followed her brothers lead and walked off.

I hate the fact that our financial side has got to the point that my kids are so used to getting let down that they’re ready for it.

But I try not to dwell on that and instead remember that we did manage to eventually throw a few dollars together and get them there. I’ll remember the laughs, the water up the nose on the fast ride, the cross country train(tractor) ride and numerous other rides in and out of water. I’ll even remember to 2 seater tube ride on the water slide with my wife behind me. The tube flipped at the bottom and my wife bounced on my head on her way over smacking my head hard against the bottom of the slide. I stood, holding my slightly sprained wrist to see if my wife was okay only to find her almost wetting herself with laughter. I then see my three kids with tears of laughter from what they just saw. Apparently a lot of other people standing around had a good laugh too but I didn’t notice. They had stopped by the time I could focus properly again.

All in all a fantastic day and some awesome memories. Next time we’ll go in summer.

2 thoughts on “Some Days Are Definitely Better Than Others

  1. Kids can surprise you sometimes. They’re not as unknowing as we may think. They understand a lot. You just have to be honest with them 🙂
    PS I would have been in tears too at that water slide!! Sorry!

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