Sometimes Someone Feels The Need To Thank You But You’ll Never Know That Maybe You Just Saved Their Life!

You never could possibly know exactly what is going on inside someone’s head. Their smile may only be a mask that they are showing to those who can see. Maybe even their smile no longer bothers to show as no one is looking anyway.

Sometime the thoughts and emotions can travel to dark and very dark places. The places we don’t talk about but should. Sometimes people follow these thoughts to the world of statistics and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the thoughts come and go for years and sometimes the statistics win.

But sometimes someone shows up, some one gives that smile, that nod, that gesture, that good deed or even that illogical bond and friendship that no one will understand. Those thoughts get interrupted. They get replaced with the joy that is in the world.

Maybe that person would have given in to the thoughts or maybe they wouldn’t have, they will never know, no one ever will. You may know that your actions made someone happy and sometimes that’s all they did and that’s fantastic and a hobby I’m working on. But sometimes your actions may have saved someone’s life. Even years later, years after the contact has disappeared, those voices and those thoughts can resurface. But that person knows that there are people like you in the world and even the memory can silence the voices.

We all have two choices when we meet someone, acknowledge or ignore. There are so many variations on these. Day to day we all face so many horrible things but we see fantastic things as well. Our ability to open our eyes to the good can be very hard sometimes and sometimes it can take someone else to take the blinkers away from our eyes so we can see so much more.

You will rarely find me quoting anything from the bible but there is one great line that I live by and is not any religious specific type rule and should be a basic rule for all;

‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ Basically meaning treat people how you want to be treated. For me that means smile, acknowledge and even say hello when crossing paths.

It’s impossible to know where these dark thoughts could take someone. Sometimes it can be floating in and out of depression, sometimes deep depression and sometimes sadder and darker.

So please remember your actions no matter how big or small and seemingly insignificant can be that last straw that breaks the camels back or it could be lightening the load to help them go that bit further. This is your choice how you deal with people. Maybe you’ll never see the person again and they will never thank you, maybe they’ll never know what they should thank you for. Sometimes they will realise but will not know how to tell you and it will remain silent until old age takes them from this place.

and sometimes they will try to explain it in a blog that hardly anyone will read

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