Take Care, I’m Not There Yet.

In life sometimes, we see someone we really want to meet. We look up at the big silvery screen or the big screen TV and think, hey, they look cool or hot or sexy or funny or whatever interests us at that time of our lives. Sometimes these are reasons that we would never pursue even if we did meet them, not just because there’s not a hope in hell of that happening but because, my wife would kill me. Of course, also because I’m in a serious, monogamous relationship.

But sometimes it’s nothing to do with that. Sometimes you just want to meet that person because you want to meet that person. Because they seem like fun. Because they’re funny, interesting or knowledgable, talented and/or creative.

As an actor, there are many people I’d love to work with. Let’s be honest, as an actor I’d love to work. But I’m still allowed extra dreams and goals inside that one.

As a person, there are people that I would love to meet as well. Robin Williams was at the top of both of those lists. He was an incredibly talented and respected actor, who seemed like a top bloke in person, from what I could tell from every interview, post or comment I ever read or watched.

Robin Williams with Oscar

The whole world is in mourning and deeply saddened by this tragic loss and while I too wept at the news, I now feel selfish. I’m trying to work out whether I am sadder about the loss or because I never got to meet him or work with him. I’ll never get to watch him first hand perform his craft. I’ll never have those laughs between scenes that everyone who’s worked with Robin talks about.

Yes, I am indeed sad for his family. My heart goes out to his children, who are now without their father. My sympathy extends even stronger to his daughter, when I heard she had to close all her social media to avoid the haters. What a sad sorry bunch they are. I’m happy to hear she is back on.

After Robin’s death there were tributes flooding the internet left, right and centre. This isn’t meant to be just another one. This is simply the ramblings of an actor, comedian, writer, fan and dad, who likes to hear about the good in people, more than the over sensationalised dribble they put on the news and even worse, current affairs type programs. Don’t get me started on newspapers.

Am I a huge fan of everything he did? Hell no. I have known people who become so obsessed by an an actor or singer that every movie or song they did was brilliant. That’s just sad and on a lot of levels, naive. I loved a lot of what he did, liked some others and was bored silly by a couple of others. I’m a stand up comedian, look though my videos of past performances I’ve done, I’d describe them the same way. He was a human being with flaws and that is part of what made him interesting. I have no interest in meeting someone who is perfect, nor do I think they even exist.

Over the years I have felt guilty on more than one occasion. When watching the In Memorium part of the Oscars, I am saddened because I see people I missed the chance to work with. Is that wrong?

There are still a lot of amazing people very high on my wish list to work with and some high up on my wish list to hang out with and talk to and most of them are on both. Sometimes in different positions on each list.

I’m doing all I can to move forward in my acting, so to the others on my list PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE CARE! If you are down, please, there is help out there.

I know they won’t ever actually read this but please Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jnr, Anne Hathaway, Geoffrey Rush, Ellen DeGeneres, Dustin Hoffman, Jim Carrey and many others take care. Please. I’m getting there as fast as I can.

To everyone else and I mean everyone, actors, singers, plumbers, painters, writers, artists, doctors, directors, producers, nurses, teachers, students, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandparents, grandchildren, sales people, shelf stackers, CEO’s, factory workers, managers, truck drivers, soldiers, veterinarians, builders, neighbours, dancers and anyone else I missed, I repeat; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE CARE! If you are down, please, there is help out there.

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