My 2016 Journey Part Two

Yep, Part 2. Now these blogs are not running in chronological or any other type of order. If you are trying to fit these into a timeline, I might inadvertently piss you off a little bit. Part 1 was more of a summary, Part 2 will put details into some of those bits.

I think I should start this one with a bit of an apology. I did a Facebook post recently which left out a lot of details. In hindsight, it did look like I was telling people that Hayley was fully cured. I showed one of the photos that had me incredibly excited but not thinking properly. Here is the post and the photo:-


The picture on the left is today. The picture on the right is 6 months ago. The red X on the June picture is on a big grey area. That is the tumour. The red X on today’s scan is on black which is how an empty nasal cavity is supposed to look. Well done Hayley you little Warrior Princess, you rock. Now on to 12 months maintenance while you continue to kick cancer in the dick.

This is a huge improvement and shows that where the worst of it was is pretty much gone. There is another angle and we were still waiting for the official report. That has now come in. As for the all clear, that isn’t coming for a while. Hayley now begins the 12 months of maintenance. So in summary, we are in a very much improved situation but not out of the shit yet. A few articles already online saying we have beaten this. We are BEATING this, but not in the past tense yet. The term the doctors are using is that the cancer is stable. I kind of wish that was a little clearer.

Maintenance started on Friday 30th December and as I said, it is for 12 months. So that is 2017 sorted. This involves 2 different types of chemotherapy. Both, apparently, weaker cousins to 2 of the chemos she has been dealing with already. They are also in smaller doses. One is in the form of a liquid that we give to her at home on a daily basis. The other is administered at the hospital in outpatients and shouldn’t take any more than a couple of hours each time. Initially every week for 3 weeks and then 1 week off and then 3 on and 1 off, etc for 12 months. We are told that the side effects will be a lot more gentle. She should be able to attend school every day except during the actual treatment days. Even then she can do half a day at school (hopefully). Her hair should start growing back and yes, that includes the eyelashes. Be prepared for some more photos from an emotionally messed up dad. But we will still need to monitor her blood counts as they can still be affected but hopefully no more transfusions.

But all that in mind, I still believe we have this beaten. I believe the cancer is completely, or at least almost completely, gone. The maintenance is just the final tidy up.

2017 is going to be a big year for us. 12 months ago we knew we would be debt free by the end of it. We don’t know how well that plan is going to go now. Maybe, once we get settled into some sort of pattern and Hayley is fit and healthy again (she is taking a long time to come around after her last round of chemo this time) which could be months, then Leia might be able to do a few hours a week somewhere. Obviously not with the arsehole who she has just officially resigned from. Still hoping that the ATO and/or lawyers can get Leia’s superannuation out of the prick. Hopefully, I can also start to get some more dollars rolling in. A few paid gigs would be awesome as I hope to get my acting and stand up comedy going again. I even plan to finish my film NOT YET. I’ll keep you updated about that as well.andrew

Well that is 2 blogs in 2 weeks. I enjoy the frustration of sitting here trying to think of what to write. But I enjoy even more the actual writing once I’ve started so please leave a comment below of things you would like me to tell you about. About Hayley, cancer, one or all of my other kids, acting, comedy, whatever. I have several things I want to share over 2017 and hope to do more than one of these a month, so some suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “My 2016 Journey Part Two

  1. Love love love reading your words Andrew….
    Honest, raw, real… just the way I like life..

    Every time I see a pic of you I can hardly believe the years that have passed since we used to run around on your ‘farm’ as kids… we may have got older, but there’s something in your eyes that is the same as I remember….
    I think of you guys often… hang in there… hopefully 2017 is easier for you guys xx

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