The Amazingly Generous People Part One.

Through this horrible situation we have learnt not only how big some people hearts are but also the amazing organisations who are there to make sure the situation is as good as it possibly can be. I have so many thank you’s I want and need to send out that I’m hoping to remember them all. I’m also about to adjust the heading to read Part 1 as I am sure there are too many to put into one blog. Especially if I include photos. These are also in no particular order of importance or time line.

First and foremost (please excuse my repetitive nature as these guys will come up a lot) the biggest THANK YOU has to go to The Royal Children’s Hospital. To be more specific, the nurses and the doctors at RCH. That’s an obvious one where the details are filling several other blogs so I’ll move on.img_9393

The amazing technicians and nurses from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. This is where Hayley received her radiation treatment. They went out of their way to make Hayley as comfortable as possible and smiled through nearly all of her little whims and delay tactics as we went in there every img_9433weekday for five and a half weeks. They loaded an iPod with Hayley’s choice of movie and then hit pause at the end of each session so that it would take off from the same spot again the next day. They also, in their spare time between visits, decorated Hayley’s mask to become CatGirl. When Hayley was asked who her favourite superhero is she said Catgirl. I said, you know she’s a baddy and it’s Catwoman and Hayley’s reply, “Well a good version of her and I’m too young to be a woman so Catgirl.” So Catgirl it is.

Which is the next thank you. Top bloke, great friend and very funny comedian Damian Cosgriff is the one who originally asked about the favourite superhero. Then he asked for a photo of Hayley.img_8800catgirl Next we received an original picture of Hayley as Catgirl, drawn by the amazingly talented cartoonist Jason Chatfield and put on canvas by the generous Salv Strati from HQ Canvas Prints.img_9137

Another great person who asked Hayley who was her favourite character was the extremely clever Melinda King from Groovy Balloons and Entertainment. Hayley said herself and her new toy cat, lol. So I sent the photo to this super talented balloon lady and then we received a balloon Hayley with her toy cat. How impressive is this.img_8628img_8654img_8656

Now for one of my favourites. With a little back story. Very close family friends to my family is the Warsow family. A more loving and generous group of people would be near impossible to find. They asked if they could come and visit Hayley in the hospital and we said yes, of course you can. Then a couple of days letter I get the message, “Is today a good day as we will be heading that way this afternoon after school” (or words to that effect) It was on the day that we were given Hayley’s official diagnosis. The shock and the organising the bigger two to come in so we could tell them the news meant I forgot to reply with “sorry, today is a bad day. Maybe next week please?” I remembered that I was meant to when I looked up and saw them knocking on the glass door into Hayley’s hospital room. I was so glad I didn’t send that message. When those two girls went and sat with Hayley it was the happiest and liveliest we had seen her in days. They even offered to sit with Hayley so Leia and I could go and have a moment.

One of the most amazing things with these guys is their familiarity with the hospital. Their daughter Harper had spent far too many nights in the herself and her parents Brendon and Wendy know all to much about about having an sick little girl in hospital. Harper had a pacemaker installed at four and a half months old and emergency pacemaker replacement at five and a half years old as well as other surgeries on her spine, etc at six years old. img_8821Then at seven years old, sitting with her nine year old sister Georgia, they were in the hospital again but this time to cheer up my little girl. On their drive home these two amazing girls had the idea to shave their heads so that next time they visited Hayley she wouldn’t feel lonely. You’re doing better than me if you read that whole sentence dry eyed. They then asked img_8817their parents if they could raise money for Hayley by shaving their heads. So they set up a crowdfunding page and over the next month and a bit these girls raised over AU$12,500 to help us with expenses. Then live on Facebook the whole world tuned in to watch Harper and Georgia, now 8 and 10, shave their heads.



Go grab a tissue before the next bit… One day Hayley asked me to tell Harper and Georgia not to shave their heads, she didn’t want them to. When I asked why she answered “Because then they won’t be pretty anymore.” In that moment I realised that nearly every time anyone complimented Hayley they also mention her hair. “Look at your beautiful hair.”, “You are so pretty, look at your hair”, “Haven’t you got the loveliest hair”, etc. It took a while but I convinced her that being pretty had nothing to do with hair. We have become very conscious since of how we compliment. Please, when you compliment your daughters and your sons out there, please, don’t say “You are beautiful or handsome or smart, etc because of….” Try and say “You are beautiful or handsome or smart, etc and you have….” I want to say to everyone reading this that YOU are beautiful and/or handsome and thank you.

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