Not Yet and Target 75 Are Back On

Sometimes we start something with all the right intentions and then life happens. A couple of things I mentioned in a couple of the other blogs now with the detail as promised. As well as the new plan.

As usual, I start with my back story, waffling on bit. In 2015 I had an idea for a short film. I approached a fantastic film maker who is an even better friend named Omrane Khuder. Omrane liked to create films with topics that hit the heart, made you think and made you feel. After seeing his brilliant work with IGNORED which I was in and it dealt with homelessness and I USED TO EXIST, a film about the effects of bullying, I approached Omrane about an idea for a short film about cancer.

We had our meeting at a cafe just around the corner from where he lived. We joked that it probably looked more like a date than an official meeting as we both ordered the same meal and ordered the same coffee then laughed about it. I shared my ideas which were met with fast creative replies and ideas bounced backwards and forwards. Omrane agreed to direct the film which made me very happy as I couldn’t imagine anyone else I would trust with this idea. Omrane was (almost) as excited as I was. So under his experienced guidance, I went home and started writing.

The film had no title for quite a while. One evening, while describing a scene to my wife to see how it worked, my 14yo (now 15) son suggested a title based on one of the lines which was then shortened to NOT YET.

Next was casting. Although, another top bloke and top mate who is also a well known and respected actor/writer/producer/director/etc/etc himself had already agreed to be part of it and help produce before I even had the meeting. Thank you and welcome aboard Peter Flaherty. Now as an actor I was writing myself into the lead role of course. My two daughter’s Natalie and Hayley and Pete’s daughter Chloe were to play my 3 daughters. We were very excited when Cate Commisso agreed to play my character’s wife and Mayumi Nobetsu to play Pete’s wife.

Then other characters were filled in with some very talented and amazing people, Wendy Warsow, Brendon Warsow, Mayson Nobetsu, Nathan Itter and others you’ll find at this link here.

I witnessed an amazing cameraman named Richard Wynn working on a Matt Mirams film called SCAMS INCORPORATED. Richard was onboard straight away. So was Matt in the BBQ scene. Not sure if he was being supportive or just hungry. Just kidding, a top bloke who loves collaboration.

So we found a day for filming Day1 in May 2016 and got to work on making it happen. It did and it was great. Everything fell together beautifully. Some incredibly powerful scenes and some fun lighter scenes came together. We finished Day 1 with a BBQ and a couple of drinks and then started work towards the next challenge. Day2.

Because I was playing someone who gets sick, there was a planned 6 month gap between Day1 and Day2 in order for me to lose a bit of weight. A suggestion come up to get the weight loss sponsored and raise money for cancer research. So I set up a page on the Cancer Council’s website and launched TARGET 75. For all details on TARGET 75 click on the link. But here is the basic outline. I gave myself 6 months to achieve TARGET 75 which comprised of 3 things:-

1. TARGET 75kg (or less), started at 96.4kg

2. TARGET 75% (or less) of started at waistline which is 113cm, so 84cm or less.

3. TARGET $75 hundred raised for the Cancer Council Victoria

I did drop about 8kg and cut more than 10cm off my waist. Then Hayley was diagnosed (irony much??) which meant a lot of sitting around in hospital, lazy eating habits (although I prefer to think of it as too tired as apposed to lazy), etc which means I have put about 7 of those 8kg back on. I have started again and have dropped about half a kilogram or about 1 pound for my American friends, over the last couple of weeks. Now its time to get serious again.

So the current position, as at 13th April 2017, in accordance to the plans above:-

  1. 94.4kg (need to lose 19.4kg or 43pounds)
  2. 107cm (need to lose 23cm or 9 inches)
  3. $692 (need to raise AU$6808)

So a fair way to go and the page on the Cancer Council’s website expires on 30th June 2017. I am hoping to extend this to the end of July but will still be aiming to get it all achieved by then so we can get to filming Day2 of NOT YET. Everyone is welcome to help with number 3. Click here and follow the instructions. Anyone willing to help with numbers 1 and 2 feel free to contact me. I can offer you no money as the fundraiser to help us with Hayley is still asking for the return of about $1500 because of someone with a stolen credit card making a donation or two.

Other things you can do for free that would be awesome (pleeeease???!!!) is click on any and all links above and where possible click on the LIKE button. This includes the NOT YET Facebook page and the NOT YET IMDb page. Also of course please, my IMDb page and Facebook page could also do with some clicking of the LIKE button on.

Also please click the subscribe button on the right hand side of this page if you want to be notified each time I write one of these. It’d be awesome to see this hit 2,000 subscribers by the end of April.

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