I wrote my first blog on this site on 30th May 2013. That was 4 years ago yesterday. WordPress kindly me a congratulatory Happy Anniversary for the big event. Ha ha ha. So my first blog, so creatively named THE BLOGGING BEGINS, was more of an introduction and mentioned about a dozen different things I …

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The Lioness of Berwick & Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Well hello again. This week I am going to write very little and post a video instead. On the 23rd May this year The Lioness Club of Berwick held Australia's Biggest Morning Tea. Basically it's a morning tea with an entry fee, raffles, etc with all profits going to The Cancer Council. A young lady …

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The Characters of NOT YET

This is something I've been meaning to write for about a year. Whenever I have done any sort of fiction writing in the past, I have always been stuck when it comes to creating character names. Whether short stories for school, my attempt at a novel and even script writing. To the point where I …

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