The Characters of NOT YET

This is something I’ve been meaning to write for about a year. Whenever I have done any sort of fiction writing in the past, I have always been stuck when it comes to creating character names. Whether short stories for school, my attempt at a novel and even script writing. To the point where I have so many started projects that simply stopped because I couldn’t get past the name bit. There’s probably a bit of paper somewhere that has two or three lines written and finishes wish;

“Hello!” said

Then nothing else.

I remember doing one school assignment where the two main characters were James Beam and John Daniels. See what I did there? Please tell me you can see what I did there. I worked on it for ages. Trying to work out if that would be more or less pathetic if it wasn’t true???

Then in 2015 I started writing NOT YET. Again I was stopped on the names. I decided then and there never to be stopped by character names again. So the first draft (2nd draft too I think) had the story done with MC whenever the Main Character was involved. BM whenever his Best Mate was involved. MW – Main Character’s Wife. BW – Best Mate’s Wife, etc. Ingenious I thought. So I had nothing stopping me, I got writing a film with the working title TBA (To Be Advised) and the main character called Main Character. Almost sounds like I was writing a show about nothing. Don’t worry Jerry Seinfeld, no plagiarism here.

Then one day I had an idea. But first, as always, my little backstory. Don’t worry, this one is a short one:-

In May 2011, Dale Craig and myself created The Comedy Gallery. A little later Peter Flaherty officially joined the team. Over the years The Comedy Gallery has held several fundraising events as well as several other events where a part of the ticket price was forwarded on to a charity. Dale, Peter and Myself have also been involved in other fundraising events that weren’t under The Comedy Gallery’s banner. I can very proudly say that we have raised about $60,000 in total for the different causes.

So my idea was to name the characters in honour of the people we have helped over the years. Some of them are aware and I hope the others and their families are happy with what I have done. So here is the cast list. On the right is the character name and on the left the actors. If you click on any of the actors you will get a link to their IMDb pages and in some cases the character names will have a link to their information,

Max Harper                      Andrew Brown
Dr Jake “JJ” Jaxon         Peter Flaherty
Tina Harper                     Cate Commisso
Elle Jaxon                         Mayumi Nobetsu
Lucy Harper                     Natalie Brown
“Cupcake” Harper         Hayley Brown
“Beastie” Harper            Chloe Flaherty
Fi Malone                          Wendy Warsow
Les Malone                       Brendon Warsow
Pete Jaxon                        Mayson Nobetsu
Connie                               Courtni Cincotta
Sam                                     Mitchell Gilmour
Water Malone                 Harper Warsow
Honey Malone                Georgia Warsow
Rock Malone                   Mason Warsow
Phil the Barman             Nathan Itter

The first character you see there is Max Harper, played by me. The Max part is for Maximus (4 years old at the time) suffers from mobility weakness and developmental delays due to a yet to be diagnosed neurological genetic condition. Maxi’s life would be greatly improved with the aid of a Smart Pup. A page was set up called SmartPup for Maxi. Now 6, Maxi and his black Labrador Tyson are inseparable. The Harper part in for the most amazing and inspirational young ladies I know. If you were paying attention you will also see her name on the acting column above. If you missed it, go back and have a look, I‘ll wait…..

Yay, you’re back. You may or may not recall Harper’s name along side her sister Georgia with support from parents, Brendon and Wendy (All listed above) in my other blog The Amazingly Generous People Part One. Harper was the first big fundraising comedy night we organised. Harper had a pacemaker installed when she was approximately 4 months old. When she was about 5 1/2 it needed to be replaced. Trust me when I say, Bills don’t shrink or disappear just because you are sitting around in a hospital watching your sick daughter. So we did what we could. I got some comedians together, long time friend of the Warsow’s Keona organised the venue and lots of raffle items and the night was had.

Next is Dr Jake “JJ” Jaxon played by Peter Flaherty. I gave this character the nickname “JJ” so that I could keep it together when filming. Jakey Boy was, at the time of the fundraiser, a 7 year old with bone cancer. His smile could light up a room and his family are amazingly beautiful and generous people. Jakey Boy, age 8, lost his battle with cancer in January 2016. Jaxon was 10 years old at the time of the fundraiser. A joker and a practical joker. He loved a laugh and he loved basketball. Brain cancer took 11 year old Jaxon from us in December 2015.


I think it is important that these don’t go too long, so I will have to make this Part One and next week give you Part Two which should cover the rest.

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