Please Help Pat Constantinou

Now I know I hit you with 3 blogs in one week last week. But one was very short and a follow up to the previous one. The third one was because I accidentally hit PUBLISH instead of PREVIEW. Whoops. I still haven’t proof read it so no offence will be taken if you send me a list of grammar and spelling mistakes. I’ll fix straight away.

But I have just become aware of this and so I have to share ASAP to as many people across the world to help these guys please. Pat and Claire Constantinou would have to be 2 of the nicest and most generous people I have ever met. Pat has helped me and my career in ways he may never know. Hopefully one day soon we will both have some spare time at the same time to sit around and chat and I’ll tell him. I met Pat when I went to the screening of a short film he had a lead role in. The screening just happen to be the same day the film was awarded first prize in the Margaret River Film Festival. Since then I have been a huge admirer of his work on and off the screen. A brilliant actor who started running small workshops to help other actors hone their skills. This grew and grew and brought one of the biggest names in acting coaching, Mr Howard Fine, to Australia to do a workshop. This lead to the start of the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia. Which has also grown.

So ever since I had know Pat, I knew him to be an amazing actor and Claire I knew to be the sweetest and loveliest partner. One day I got to see Claire onstage and all I can say is WOW! Don’t tell Pat but I think Claire is even better.

We lost contact for a while as everyone is busy in different directions and then one day I saw a photo Pat had posted in Facebook and my heart stopped. Then I found out about Claire as well and just had no idea what to say. One of those many time of feeling completely useless and dumbstruck.

So now there is a page set up and a link to that is here and well as everywhere you see Pat or Claire on this post. But instead of me telling you about them, here is Claire’s own words that I have copied and pasted from the crowdfunding site. Sorry if this seems lazy but their true accounts are the most accurate:-

*Without $9,466pm Brain Cancer Treatment, Only Weeks to Live*

Our Story

In September 2014, my husband Pat and I decided we were ready to start a family. This exciting part of our lives quickly turned to heartbreak when a pre-pregnancy blood test showed high levels of white blood cells, and I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. Our plans for a baby quickly came to a standstill, but, unfortunately, the worst was yet to come.

Five months later in March 2015, my beautiful, generous, and warm to the core Pat was diagnosed with Glioblastoma (GBM) Brain Cancer. Two years later, after exhausting frontline treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and enduring three radical brain surgeries, Pat’s tumour has returned for a fourth time. The only option available to us now is a promising yet extremely financially challenging trial drug.

How You Can Help

The drug is called Keytruda and is administered to Pat via IV every three weeks. It costs $7,100 a pop, and it isn’t subsidised for a returned tumour. Without Keytruda, Pat only has weeks to live. His most recent brain surgery also cost $95K, so I’m asking for your help on Pat’s behalf. If you can, any donation, big or small, means the world to us and will support Pat on his road to recovery.

Whether you can donate or not, please consider sharing our story. I want to reach as many people as possible. Pat is the love of my life, and the most resilient person I have ever met. With his strength and ability to remain positive, I know if anyone can beat this, he can. The more people we reach, the more we can work together as a community to give Pat the best chance he’s got.

Thank you.


– Also, thank you to our dear friend, Rachael Blackwood, who helped me organise this campaign. Sharing our story was made possible with your support.

Help spread the word!

Please, please, please, if there is any way you can help, please do. I know that there is nearly 2 thousand subscribers to this page. $5 each is nearly $10k.

I love you Claire, I love you Pat. Let’s do this.

P.S. I feel like maybe it’s time to rally the troops and get another comedy fundraising night happening.

2 thoughts on “Please Help Pat Constantinou

  1. Fundraising is always good! I’ve shared on both twitter and facebook. Getting so close to the goal and his cause is trending now! Hopefully keeps going strong.

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