The Lioness of Berwick & Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Well hello again. This week I am going to write very little and post a video instead. On the 23rd May this year The Lioness Club of Berwick held Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. Basically it’s a morning tea with an entry fee, raffles, etc with all profits going to The Cancer Council. A young lady that I worked with several years ago named Brooke was one of the main organisers of the event and asked me to come along a share Hayley‘s story. I immediately said yes and then immediately went into panic. I have acted on stage and I’ve done stand up comedy but public speaking like this and on such a subject is different. My wife Leia and son Jackson came along as well.

The nerves kicked in and I relied far to heavily on my notes but here is the video anyway. Apologies for the quality but it was filmed on my iPhone by my 15yo Jackson. Incredibly smart and bright kid with a heart of gold but apparently hands of jelly.

I hope that wasn’t too boring for any who sat right through that. After rewatching it myself I realise how little I actually said. This really is the smallest insight into what went on. I touched on a few subjects without any details and I left many things out. Please, please, please LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, etc as much as you can on this and/or any of my past blogs. Or just tell someone to have a read. Please.

Love to all, chat soon.

2 thoughts on “The Lioness of Berwick & Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

  1. Andrew, public speaking is such a hard thing to master, we don’t always get the chance to practice it. I think you did well, you got across what you needed to and I think more power to you man!

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