Busy, Busy, Busy & Loving It (Mostly).

Well it’s been a while since the last blog, sorry. This year is turning out to be amazingly busy for all the right reasons while some of those not so right reasons are also continuing.

There was an acting course I mentioned in my last blog which I have now replied to my acceptance letter and begun preparing which is why it has now been nearly 4 weeks since my last blog. So, the details. I am doing the Howard Fine Masterclass in Melbourne from 29th June to 2nd July. “So how does a 4 day course make you too busy to write a blog for a month?” I hear you ask. Well it’s only about 3.5 weeks really so you saying a month is a bit rude, but anyway. Here’s why:-

Step One. Make sure you read Howard’s book FINE ON ACTING – A VISION OF THE CRAFT. An absolutely incredible read. A must for any actor out there with a lot of it being very interesting for anyone out there. Particularly focusing on Howard’s 8 Steps.

Step Two. Once the deposit is paid the Howard will assign you a scene partner and a scene.

Step Three. Work on the scene with your partner and use the 8 Steps to explore your character.

Step Four. Organise (with your partner) whatever props, etc are needed for the scene.

Step Five. Do the Masterclass.

One of the cool things about the Masterclass is that anyone can come an audit (watch) the class being done, with questions being open to anyone in the room (at the appropriate times). I have managed to audit several of these Masterclasses and have learnt so much, even just sitting back watching. If interested in auditing the click HERE and check if there are any seats left and costs, etc. You don’t even have to commit to all 4 days when auditing, but you will get more benefit if you do.

For anyone who doesn’t know who Howard Fine is, he is one of the world’s most respected acting teachers/coaches/mentors/etc. He worked with Will Smith on Concussion, Brad Pitt on Interview With The Vampire and a list of names that would impress even the less interested of movie goers. You can also click HERE for more about him as well, or HERE for Wikipedia. Howard comes over to Australia once or twice a year to do these 4 day Masterclasses. One in Sydney, which is running right now and one in Melbourne, starting this Thursday 29th June at the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia.


Anyway, I’ve now spent too much time talking about it and not enough doing it. I will let you know next week how it went.

Also over the next couple of weeks we enter the time for Hayley’s next round of scans, etc. So I will update you all as that info comes through too.

TARGET 75, NOT YET, PROTECTION, MELBOURNE FRINGEANDREW BROWN – THE MOST BORING NAME IN ENTERTAINMENT are all still happening and coming up so I will keep you updated on all that too. Please stay tuned and support when and where you can. I also plan to make sure I get back to those comments and replies as mentioned in my last blog – REPLIES.

Not done yet. If there are any WordPress experts out there, I would love to have a chat about stuff to help me make this even betterer.

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Love to all, chat soon.

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