The Next Chapter.

What did you do this week? Guess what I did.

Photo screen capture from Hercules Returns starring David Argue as Brad McBain. My favourite film of all time.

That’s right! I gave notice at my day job after five and a half years there and 25 out of the last 27 years in that industry. That industry being Retail Sales of Household Paint. Something I will go into in a not too distant future blog. Maybe even the next one. Like Brad McBain (above), I decided my dream was more important than my job.

So begins The Next Chapter. Very excited and nervous as I have no idea what happens in the 2nd paragraph of this chapter, let alone the whole story.

Yep, I gave notice at my day job on Friday 14th July. A very small part of a Jim Carrey speech to a room full of graduates was “You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance at doing what you love!” This comes in clear now. I have been so busy failing at what I don’t want to do for so many years now that I don’t really know where I am at with what I want to do. I want so much for my kids that I feel like a lousy role model as far as chasing their dreams.

I have also learnt over the last 12+ months just how precious life can be. How quickly everything can change and how no one can hide from the predator you can’t see. That predator can be inside your own body. Now I don’t want to live in fear of this happening to me but I also don’t want to live in fear of what I haven’t done yet in case it happens.

I have learnt some amazing lessons from my Hayley (aka Warrior Princess, Catgirl, Batgirl, Wonder Girl, The Eyelash Girl). Most recently being the silver lining on and in every situation. The innocent mind of a 7 year old, not yet taught the misery and glass half empty attitude we teach ourselves as we get older. 2 amazing examples in the last 4 or so weeks that might just dig in, grab a tissue or two in preparation I know I sobbed a bit at the time, both times.

Leia and I, 18th June, driving along, talking about the horrible anniversary of what happened in June last year. Conversation was more or less:

“One year ago today we went to the hospital to get an eye checked and went home 10 days later.”

(insert bitter adult voice.) “Yeah, for 2 nights and then back in for another 7 nights”


Then Hayley‘s voice chimes in from the back seat, “Wasn’t it good that we went home?”

Then about a week later, driving again when a Coldplay song came on. Hayley, Natalie and I got to meet Chris Martin when he came to visit the Royal Children’s Hospital. He sang Hayley’s favourite song “Paradise” for her. So when we heard his voice, Natalie turned to her little sister and said, “Listen Hayley, it’s your friend.” to which Hayley replied “Wasn’t it good that I got cancer otherwise we wouldn’t have met him.” I still struggle when she uses the C word. I have to disagree with her quite strongly on this and no offence to Chris Martin but if I had the choice in those events we never would have had that opportunity. But what an amazing attitude from a 7 year old girl who spent the best part of 6 months last year vomiting and barely able to walk and say “Wasn’t it good…” I want to tap into some of that. It’s magical to experience.

So the rest of my life starts right now. Maybe I should’ve called this blog, my favourite collection of cliches and quotes. Please feel free to add more in comments if they relate. But I will be be living now as every moment is the first moment of the rest of my life and any moment could be the end so doing everything I can to avoid any regrets.

This started with participating in the Howard Fine Masterclass. Followed up with losing the day job. Next I will be getting some new headshots done to promote my acting and have already made contact with one of Melbourne’s best and most respected headshot photographers Lliam Murphy. Just have to make a date and then I can share his magic with you. Then getting an agent.

I got out some really old glasses (hahaha, that’ll get me in trouble) and celebrated Friday night with a bottle of Sparkling Shiraz.

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Love to all, chat soon.

3 thoughts on “The Next Chapter.

  1. Go nutso magutso Andrew! And. More power to you!

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