Children’s Cancer Awareness Month!

Although I am in the middle of panicking, I mean preparing for opening night of my show in 2 days, I thought it was important to take a moment to acknowledge something very important.

Here is a copy and paste from the Children’s Cancer Foundation’s website.

The Facts

• 810 Australian children diagnosed with cancer each year; and 5,600 continue their treatment.

• One in five children will die; of those cured 10% will develop a treatment-related cancer later in life.

• Almost half of childhood cancers are diagnosed in children aged 0–4 years.

• Government cancer research funding is disproportionately directed towards adult cancers.

• Clinical trials offer access to new, innovative treatments to children but are not funded through government hospital budgets

Wow have numbers and figures like that and our government want to spend over $120million on a non committal survey to see if people like the idea of marriage equality or not. I won’t make this post about that though.

The last 15 months of my life has been affected by something I thought only happened to others. But a great line from the film “Other People” really woke me up. The scene is 2 mates hanging out having a drink and one is upset about his mother’s cancer and says something about it only happens to other people and his friend replies “You are other people, to other people.”

There are so many shit things that go along with this journey. Including stupid comments from people thinking they are bing supportive. Just remember, sometimes support comes in the way of silently being there, not in feeling the need to speak. But if you do have to speak to anyone in this situation, please, pause, think, plan the words, run them through your head again and then quietly smile without saying anything.

Or, you could say something like, “Hey, I just donated some money to…..

Children’s Cancer Foundation

My Room

Camp Quality


Starlight Children’s Foundation

Nick’s Wish

Koala Kids



and, although not directly associated with Children’s Cancer but plan to get rid of all cancer-

Love Your Sister (RIP Connie)

Plus any other groups who are supporting or helping families get through these times and anyone trying to get rid of this horrible thing. If you click on any of those charities above, you’ll be able to find out more about them.

Here is a little from our journey, starting with that first day at the Royal Children’s Hospital to get Hayley’s eye checked.


Several days later (still in hospital) being told the nurses want to collect her wees and poos.

When the hair started to go.


That famous Eyelash.

The top of her 2016 Christmas wish list. A full size replica war hammer from The Hobbit.

Now we went through a horrible time. Still going through actually, but not as bad as it was. We live about 20 minutes from the hospital and Hayley is part of the group who are winning and beating this thing. My heart really goes out to all the kids and families who are affected. None of them are nice stories but there are certainly some stories much worse than others.

Hayley has hardly missed a  day of school this year, compared to the last 6 months of last year only making 6 appearances and only 2 of those full days.

But here she is at this year’s school concert and a close up at home after.


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Love to all, chat soon

2 thoughts on “Children’s Cancer Awareness Month!

  1. Best wishes for your show Andrew! Unfortunately I won’t see it this time. Thank you for sharing your family’s cancer journey/experience. Your little girl, your family and you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have been through cancer journeys with a few members of my family and your words of advice are so wise – thank you for reminding me. Your little girl’s smiles are showing the world the love she is surrounded by. Keep ’em laughing -and do your show for her!

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