I Think I May Have Stuffed Up.

Ever feel like you’ve done the best thing you could have ever done for yourself and then feel like you’ve done the worst thing by your family?

Lead by example. Look at me kids. Chase your dreams. Do what you are passionate about. Don’t be miserable stuck in a job that makes you miserable. Sure, we’re going to have to start skipping the occasional meal and we could be evicted soon but I’m doing what makes me happy.

Okay, a little over dramatic. Just feeling a little flat after the Melbourne Fringe Festival and the lack of audiences. All my fault I know. I got a bit over confident when the initial support of my first solo show was mentioned on Facebook.

That’s right, I mentioned I was doing my first solo show back in May and received this much love. 224 reactions in total. Now when you are only doing 4 shows in a room that holds 40 people equals a maximum of 160 tickets to sell. So I was feeling confident of a fair turn out. Maybe even one show sold out. If everyone who did come got there on one night then I would have had a sold out show.

I was too busy worrying about getting the show ready that I really didn’t work anywhere near enough on the marketing. I now have a few people wanting me to do the show in other places. I would love to. I’d happily tour it. I just can’t afford to. If someone is willing to cover ALL the overhead costs then I am happy to. I can’t afford to pay out money like that for a few people to come.

On a positive note, I have raised nearly $300 for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Thank you to all the generous people who dropped some money in the bucket.

I also got a great response from those who did see it. Here are my favourite comments that people shared on Facebook:-

I laughed ’til I cried 😂, then I cried ’til I laughed😭! Come and see this incredible soul, tell some jokes and share his experience, at this funny thing called life!

Something very disarming when a performer is so open and honest about their life and their journey. Thank you Andrew Brown for making me laugh AND cry this evening.

Thank you Maryanne and Brigitte.

Anyway, time to move forward. There is a possibility of repeating the show but I’m not sure if it is worth it financially. Enjoyed the experience and can now say that I have done my first solo show.

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Love to all, chat soon

3 thoughts on “I Think I May Have Stuffed Up.

  1. I think you stuffed up in the most remarkable and courageous way! Not many would put ghemselves out there.
    I wish I could have been part of your audience, maybe one day you will gig in Ballarat!


  2. Agree!

    Solo show…puttin’ yourself out there – bold move!

    And what’s a few skipped meals between family members anyway 😉

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