An Interesting Journey Part 1

I will, forever, be grateful for the friendships I have made through the journey called the entertainment industry. I have met some awesome people who have worked their way up into success and others who have disappeared. I have learnt so much from so many that I have forgotten lot of the lessons. Stand up comedy, acting, producer, running comedy rooms and other things. Here’s the edited, brief history from then until now spread over a few blogs.

1993- I attended the William Bates Academy of Performing Arts. I had a lot of fun there. 2 acting classes, 1 voice and 1 dance class every week. I made some friends there too. The one I became closest to was a guy named Mark. We took it in turns driving in or we’d meet up on the train to travel in. Then Mark made friends with some stuff called “Speed” and a few other things as well. Another person I thought was a good friend, her boyfriend met me and told her she wasn’t allowed to talk to me anymore. So she didn’t. I had no idea what happened for a couple of weeks when someone she was allowed to talk to let me know. Another top person I have more recently been reacquainted with thanks to social media.

So acting school 3 days a week and the gym 3-4 times a week. Fit, happy and healthy. Then I got a girlfriend. I’d love to blame all the problems on her but there were two of us in that relationship. Me and the bitch, lol. I stopped going to the gym. I stopped going to William Bates Academy of Performing Arts, even though there was only a few weeks left of the year long course. Within a couple of days of me saying for the first time “Sorry, I can’t afford that.” I became single again.

1995- New girlfriend.

1996- Same girlfriend from 1995. I mentioned to her about the acting school and my interest in performing. The most amazing researcher, I came home from work one night to a list of phone numbers for some local theatre groups. This was pre internet, at least in our world anyway. Eventually after a few weeks of trying, one of them finally answered their phone and agreed that I could come along to watch them rehearse their next show.

I watched about 2 minutes of their rehearsal when the director came over and said,

“So you’re interested in performing? Go stand over there and join the chorus.”

Me: “I just came along to check it out, thank you.”

Director: “We’ve just had 8 people pull out, so get up there.”

Me: “But I can’t sing.”

Director: “Neither can anyone else but it will sound great anyway with enough voices at the same time.”

Me: “But I can’t dance.”

Director: “Nothing complicated. Just move with the others.”

So that was the day I officially joined Frankston Theatre Group’s 1996 end of year production of The Umpire Strikes Back. So in this intergalactic battle where Darth Vader had kidnaped Princess Leia and a Luke Skywalker set out to get as much assistance from so many to eventually battle Darth to a game of cricket. It was fun, funny, silly, musical and successful. We filled the Mechanics Hall in Frankston at every show.

2 weeks later and 8 weeks before opening night the writer/director tells me that someone else had to pull out due a work commitment and that now I had 2 speaking parts. This turned into 3 a week later. I played the parts of Inspector Gadget,

Doctor Zarkov (from Flash Gordon, sorry, no photos) and Richie Benaud commentating the big match and singing and dancing at the end. Have to love the wig and Jacket.

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Love to all, chat soon

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