Time To Complete Something.

So many times in my life I can see how I have set myself up for failure. IT goes like this:-

Step 1: Say I’m going to do something.

Step 2: Start.

Step 3: ……..

Step 4: Disappointment in self.

Then, I came up with the great idea to announce what I am going to do to as many people as possible, that way I will be motivated to not let anyone down. This looks like this:-

Step 1: Say I’m going to do something.

Step 2: Publicly announce that I’m going to do something.

Step 3: Start.

Step 4: ……..

Step 5: Disappointment in self while carrying guilt that I have let others down creating deeper disappointment in self.

Time for stuff to be different. This is not a New Years Resolution as they really don’t mean shit. If you’re a loser with bad habits on the 31st December then you will be a loser with bad habits and a hangover on 1st January. Habits take time to become habits. Go listen to any motivational speaker on that. This is about me completing things.

Well here goes. I promised that I would complete at least 30 blogs in 2017. This is number 30. Just in time. I set the challenge. Started running ahead of schedule and so I was going to complete that easily, maybe even go over 30. Then I stopped writing. Well I have now DONE IT! I have done what I said I would do.

Now to other things. I wrote a short film called NOT YET. There was to be 2 days filming, 6 months apart while my character lost weight. After day 1, my daughter Hayley got cancer so the 6 months got delayed and delayed. I have every intention of completing this film but it will be closer to 2 years between day 1 and day 2 now. So I will complete that in 2018. Providing the rest of the cast and crew are still with me.

The other thing I am completing in 2017 is my acting and comedy. Apart from NOT YET of course. I finally did my first solo comedy show and I am happy. We are moving home and heading interstate. A full sea change and new life for my family to heal the emotional and physical damages the last 18 months has brought when that arsehole thing called cancer entered our house.

Some have suggested that I can pick it all up again up there in Queensland and I say, I have spent the last 21 years building myself up to be an unknown nobody. I am too tired to start that again from scratch.

I want too thank the incredible people that I have met through film and comedy. I have met some awesome people and made some great friends. Unfortunately I never learned how to join any of your cliques so I could be cast in your films or given gigs without begging. Maybe if you saw my acting you might have given me a shot but when there are who knows how many films out there that I have worked on that will never be finished, or finished enough to pass their course but then never to be screened or shown anywhere. Or sometimes, just, never to be shown.

I received a message recently from someone who runs one of Melbourne’s many acting schools. I was told that I am a good actor but with their help I could be a great actor. In all honesty, for all this guy knows, I could be a shit actor or I could be amazing. Anyway, I am done.

I WILL finish NOT YET and get it shown. I WILL continue writing my BLOG. My 2018 promise is at least 2 BLOGs a month. I will however, need to change the heading.

I will also be encouraging sponsors and sponsored blogs as well, please CONTACT for details.

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Love to all, chat soon

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