How The Year Started – Continued.

We left our home in Melbourne at about 11pm on Wednesday 24th January with the car full. Poppet the Labrador was very anxious and uncomfortable for the first couple of hours but then fell asleep. She stayed pretty relaxed for the rest of the trip. The challenge on a long drive in summer was to keep her cool, hydrated  and relaxed. The occasional treat helped there too.

We arrived at our new home in the Sunshine Coast just after 5pm on Friday 26th. Australia Day. Within the following 48 hours we will have been to the beach 3 times and in a pool once. The biggest and happiest surprise was the lack of shock when entering the water. Anyone from Victoria knows that uncomfortable chill when first entering the water at the beach, then you get used to it. But here, the temperature was 28 degrees celsius and the water was 25 degrees. No uncomfortable chill.

Then Monday 29th I started my new job that was waiting for me. The weirdest thing. I announced in mid 2017 that I was leaving my day job, from an industry I had been trying to get away from for 20+ years, and going full time into the entertainment industry. So many people said “Good on you!” “Well done!” “Congratulations!”. Then when I announced that I was leaving the entertainment industry and going full time into the career I had just left, so many people said “Good on you!” “Well done!” “Congratulations!”. Maybe they were people in the entertainment industry.

So working full time during the day and spending the evenings and weekends moving in and collecting new furniture. Getting some carpet and wall making materials and now most go the garage is a bedroom and now we all fit. 

I didn’t write any blogs in January as I was too busy packing, selling, donating and throwing away. For most of February we had no internet. Several hassles and many phone calls and lots of hours lost on the phone and they got our internet working. That’s when I started writing as mentioned in the last blog.

But then I stopped….

Many years ago I was diagnosed with depression. Hey, who hasn’t been these days. Sometimes there is no sign of it and sometimes the Black Dog bites hard. Sometimes it develops lock jaw once it gets hold. I was in a very dark place and couldn’t shake it. Usually didn’t want to. I was getting comfortable in my misery. I know this makes no sense to many but sadly makes a lot of sense to others. They keep telling us to talk about our feelings and to reach out when in a dark place. This never felt an option until I started coming back out again on the other side. After a few months of darkness and dark thoughts I don’t want to entertain I felt something lift. Only a little. I tried to reach out. I sent a very vague message to someone who is a specialist in Depression. He replied with, “I’m busy, I can talk next Thursday.” In his defence the message wasn’t clear but I could use this as evidence that no one cared. More than another month later I am feeling much better and clearer again hence, the writing continues.

Everyone out there please remember, even when it doesn’t feel like it, people do care and there is help out there. If you know someone who you are worried about, talk to them, they may not know how to ask for help.

Lifeline on 13 11 14

Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800

MensLine Australia on 1300 789 978

Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467

Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36

Headspace on 1800 650 890

Also check out The ACM Project and support.

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Love to all, chat soon

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