Time To Thrive.

Not a sponsored post. Not an advertising post as such but a little bit. Just a bit of a review type thing with a bit of back story but not much. As I have mentioned before, I am wanting to lose weight in order to finish my short film NOT YET. It hasn’t been easy. Especially with easy access to beer. My achilles heel and best friend all at once.

In January this year I was sitting at about 94.5kg. I put in a small effort and in not too long I got down to about 90.5kg. For the last 2 months or so I have plateaued, floating around between 90.2 and 90.6kg but not able to break that that 90 kg mark.

Monday 11th June 2018, I did it. Fresh batteries in the scales and 89.8kg. But it was still more than 106cm around my waist.

Also on the 11th, a package from the U.S. arrived. A strong recommendation from a friend getting great results in several areas so I thought, why not?

Back Story – The 8 week Thrive Experience by the company Le-Vel began on Tuesday 12th. My friend with 1 year old twins and another son soon to turn 4 years old was tired (Oh Der!!) and requiring afternoon naps. Then she started this Thrive thing and didn’t need naps, had more energy and had started losing some of her mummy weight. As someone who is constantly tired and sick and tired of being sick and tired I thought I would ask her about it.

It is a 3 part thing. 2 Capsules before you get out of bed, wait 20-40 minutes, have a shake and put a patch on. Sounds easy. So I continued to look. 

My friend sent me the link to their website. The video is a typical, over excited infomercial style thing that I find annoying. Not saying it’s a bad ad just saying I personally am not a fan of that style of advertising. I also know that good or bad advertising doesn’t equal good or bad product. So I continued to look.

It is one of those companies where people can make money getting their friends and family to buy and/or sell their products. This system started by other companies in the past have sadly left a bad taste in people’s mouths. But there is so much of it around and from experience it is no reflection of quality. In fact there are some amazing things out there that are sold this way. Also Le-Vel seem happy to just sell. There is a Customer link and a Promoter link on the Le-Vel website. So I continued to look.

I found the prices, got all my questions answered by my friend and her friend who are both now Promoters (happily and successfully). Then I put in an order for my wife and I. Package arrived on Monday 11th June, 2018. As this is a morning thing we started on the 12th. First impressions before starting. A little annoyed the the 2 capsules per day come pre packaged in packs of two and put in a box. The environmentalist in me finds this a little wasteful. Then again, everyone else puts there’s in little plastic bottles and plastic is one of the earths biggest problems at the moment, so I’m not sure but I still think that individually packaged isn’t the best. Everything else is fine. The shakes give you a choice of individual servings or the container. We went for the containers.

After an exhausting weekend with sick kids and close to no sleep while still carrying this head cold, Monday at work was not my most productive. I think I was doing an awesome impersonation of a zombie. Struggling through the basics. Followed by another night of restless sleep. Then Tuesday….

Day 1, Capsules taken, shake was yummy and the patch is on.

A couple of hours and I am feeling more awake and energised than I have felt for many months. Still a little sleep deprived but more productive than I’ve been in quite a while. I can’t wait for the next few days to see if this is a placebo effect or just straight hope in success. Or, as I am hoping, this stuff actually works.

Day 4, Stood on the scales again and have dropped another 0.4kg. Even more important, plenty of energy all day. Didn’t even get my usual drowsy afternoon. I have often felt like I should apologise to customers who come into the shop between 2 and 4pm

Day 5, Feeling good and full of energy. Went to work in the morning and in the afternoon I climbed Mt Coolum (some photos). Believe it or not, when we got back to the bottom of the hill (about 2km round trip) I then ran 200m back to the car. The sign said a 2 hour round trip. We did it in under 40 minutes, including the 200m to and from the car. Not including the 10-15 minutes standing and staring and photographing the view.

Today is Day 7 and here are my results and thoughts from the first week.

That’s right, I have lost 0.4kg in 1 week. Yes, I know that is no different to Friday but I did eat a lot of crap on Sunday (insert sad face emoji). I did lose 11mm off my waist though so that is good. I may have got some muscle from those steps too, lol. 

Although the energy is up today I do feel a bit crap. I think that is partially to do with the chips, chocolate and lollies eaten yesterday but I think it is mostly to do with today being the 2 year anniversary of rushing our little girl Hayley into the hospital to see why her eye changed direction. To be followed a few days later with diagnosis and then 18 months of watching her fight and beat the cancer that caused it. I think this week will not be a good week emotionally but that could be another blog.

Back to Thrive. I am very strongly thinking that I will become a promoter. I had to first see that it was something I believed in and I do. If I found zero benefits then I would not recommend it. Regardless of what it paid. I have felt better and more energetic over the last week than I can remember feeling for a long time. I’m not here to do the hard sell. If you want to know more ask, if you don’t, then don’t. I will happily recommend it to anyone who asks.

I am happy to answer any questions and help you get started. I believe I can even organise a limited number of 10% off the your initial purchase vouchers. Just contact me HERE or HERE or look HERE.

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Love to all, chat soon

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