Thinner, More Energy & Not Yet.

Weight and energy have been an issue for me for quite a while.On 15th May, 2016, I filmed Day 1 of a film called NOT YET where I play the character Max Harper who gets news that he is unwell. On 16th May, 2016 I weighed in at 96.4kg with a waist of 113cm. That was day 1 of a thing I called Target 75. 

Target 75 was to be as follows:-

Target 75kg (So losing over 21kg).

Target 75% of the waistline (equals 85cm, so losing 28cm).

Target $75 Hundred raised for the Cancer Council.

This was to be done over 6 months so that Day 2 of filming NOT YET would have a visual, physical change.

By mid June 2016 (4 weeks later) I was feeling good:-

91.5kg (So a loss of nearly 5kg).

107cm Waist (So a loss of 6cm)

A couple of hundred dollars for the Cancer Council as well.

Then my daughter got sick and my weight went back up. I tried to start Target 75 again a couple of times but never had the energy. Handed about $850 over for Cancer Council. Nearly $7,000 short of the target.

Start of 2018 we moved to Queensland. Hayley is in remission and continuously getting better and stronger while my wife and I are still trying to work how to sleep properly. Still jumping at noises and the occasional, little girl’s nightmares. Definitely no energy for exercise and no brain power to think out the best eating plan. How can you plan anyway these days with so many experts with so many contrasting and contradictory eating theories that are all proven and have plenty of evidence to back it up. Sigh.

I don’t know what my waist got to but I was up to 94.5kg again. I still had every intention of getting back to Melbourne to film Day 2 of NOT YET. So I need to do something. On the 11th June, 2018 I finally broke the 90kg mark and got down to 89.8kg. So 4.7kg over 5 months, slow going. Still no energy.

My friend Christine suggested I try THRIVE by LeVel. I said “Maybe one day”. After watching her results over e few weeks I thought “Why Not?” Still not not really expecting much. 

The Thrive 8 Week Experience fills the gaps in your nutritional needs. It has built in pre and probiotics. It includes other big words and great claims and I thought “Don’t they all!” My THRIVE delivery arrived on 11th June so I started on the 12th and felt a huge energy increase right from day 1.

Now I don’t know if THRIVE is causing the weight and cm loss or if it is the extra energy that I am getting from THRIVE that is helping me move more and burn the fat off.

Day 1 – 12th June:-


106cm Waist 

Day 39 – 21st July (5weeks, 4days later):-

87.7kg, A LOSS OF 2.1kg.

101cm Waist, A LOSS OF 5cm.

But even more cool is the Improved Sleep (not record breaking better, but better), better Mental Clarity and an Increase in Energy levels better than I have had in many years. Probably more than 10 years since I have felt this level of energy.

… and it is so easy. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1. 2 Capsules with a glass of water before you even get out off bed.

Step 2. Wait 20-40 minutes and have the shake, which comes in several flavours. I’m loving the vanilla.

Step 3. Apply the patch for some 24 hour, slow release goodness, straight through the skin.

If you want to try or just know more then ask. 

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Love to all, chat soon

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