To MLM Or Not To MLM? And What’s The Difference?

Multi Level Marketing. Equivalent to swearing for some people but is it really that bad? It’s really just someone you know, family, friend, acquaintance, workmate, trying to make a few extra dollars. Some do it well. Some do it dodgy. Some are honest and straight forward and some are sneaky and unethical. So I ask, how is any of that different from anywhere else you shop?

There are definitely different types of approaches by some of these companies and I feel like that has caused a bad name for all. Example, I went to a business opportunity meeting with someone many years ago. After 45 minutes, several sheets of paper, I owned my own mansion, had 3 of my favourite cars and just got back from my dream holiday, then he told me the name of the business. Sadly that is not an exaggeration. I had already guessed what it was going to be and so I set my stop watch, lol. Now I won’t name and shame but I think a lot out there can guess who. The saddest thing is that I knew someone who once signed up with them and they actually sold some great products. Problem is that it seemed like they didn’t really care about selling their products, it was more important to sign up someone who will sign up someone who will sign up someone. With the background of you need to buy a minimum or pay a fee to stay in the system.

There are others who want to sell their stuff. They let you know up front that their is a business option if you are interested but are happy for you just to buy their products. But sadly, because they are still Multi Level they are put in the same basket as the others.

Yes, I have signed up to be a promoter for the company Le-Vel with their Thrive range. Any questions and that is the first answer. Straight forward, upfront and no promises of making you rich. But this isn’t a promotional blog. I just mentioned the company to highlight the point that they don’t need to hide and so this doesn’t look like I’m secretly pushing an objective.

I am occasionally posting successes I am having with the products, not the business. I hope I can do both one day. But I don’t want to push because I have seen people stop talking to friends and or family due to pushing other companies on people and so I promote and wait to be approached. 

One person, a complete stranger from another country, sent me a message after one of my posts. It read:-

I wish you enjoy MLM, because that is what I am all about! Please visit my site at ########## & learn about a great business opportunity. Did I mention that you can join for FREE and begin building your own global business RIGHT NOW? Feel free to contact me anytime.

That is the problem I am talking about. What is the business, what do they make or sell. Just being making money. Sorry, but ZERO interest in this type of approach.

I have also been approached by a few friends who were impressed with my results and wanted to know more. So I tell them the company and the products. If someone isn’t interested then that is fine. Like I said, there is no pressure from me. They don’t even need to give me a reason not to be interested, that is fine. But more than 1 friend has replied with finding a bad review of the company online. So here is their friend with photos and information and ready to answer any query but the found a review by a complete stranger with an unknown motivation to badmouth a company and that is more trustworthy. Have to admit, the hurts a little.

I read one the reviews. It claims that the company claims things that it doesn’t. There is no promise of weight loss and isn’t promoted as a weightless miracle. But that is their opening line. One of the complaints is that you need to sign up an online account to buy anything. Well, you better not ever use Ebay then. Or any other online company, anywhere, ever. They also have about 3/4 of the way down the review; Despite this, it still has an A+ rating due to 75% of customer ratings providing positive feedback. Then add that this must come from people with a vested interest, then mention 2 short positive reviews followed by several long rants.

If you read the review all the way to the bottom you will see the link to their own book on weight loss. WHAT???? They have their own book? But obviously some stranger who can be trusted to give an honest review. Zero ulterior motive to bad-mouth another product there at all.

I can’t help but wonder if I had the same success in my health from something that I bought in a shop, how many friends would have gone into that shop and tried it?? If I worked for the shop you might even support the business I work in. How many of us do that? I’ll support the people who employ you because you’re my friend, family, etc. You do realise that in retail, with or without your support, your friend, family, etc. still gets the same hourly rate. But if your friend, family, etc. tries to do something from home, they get nothing without support. Maybe that’s why some become a bit pushy.

This video is funny and sums it all up beautifully;

Usually in retail, the more successful the business, the more it helps the owner’s finances and occasionally the managers.

Bottom line, I have bought products from several different MLM companies over the years and (just like any retail business) some products were brilliant and some weren’t. Some companies put some pressure to sign up as a promoter, some don’t. Some charge a fee to get promoter discounts, etc. Some don’t. I actually had no intention to be a promoter but a few weeks in I changed my mind. Don’t dismiss a company because of an experience with a different company. Support your friends, family, etc. Some work from home because other options aren’t there. Any questions? Just ask. Nothing to hide.

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Love to all, chat soon

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