Pointless Blog But I’d Love Your Help Please?

Yes pointless but a harmless bit of fun.

I have been a bit proud of the success of my blog over the last two years. Now I know that it became successful due to THAT photo of Hayley’s beautiful Eyelash. I know this because the total visits of all time to my first 8 posts before Hayley was diagnosed is 586 combined. With the They’re Back! THE LASHES ARE %@*&ING BACK!! blog alone receiving 1389 visits. But that is why I call it a journey. Starting out is rough with good and bad in the middle but there is no end in sight yet. I’m still travelling through this thing called life.

Since my first blog The Blogging Begins on 30th May 2013, my site has been visited by people in many countries. Check this out:-

The countries who have visited my page are coloured from yellow through to red. Depending on the number off visits. The grey counties are zero visits. 

Can anyone out there please help me fill in some of those gaps? Do you know someone in one of those countries that are still grey? Does anyone know any of the 56,000 people living in Greenland? That is a big area of the map. Or any of the many countries in Africa? How about Mongolia or Kazakhstan? Send them an email with the link. They don’t even have to read it, lol. That will fill in some big gaps. 

Let’s see how many we can get before the end of the year. I’ll do an update in December.

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Love to all, chat soon

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