My Getting Into Shape Update.

The health journey all the way from 15th May, 2016. Sorry about any repeated detail but I’ll try to summarise a bit on the old stuff and get to some points. Back then I was at the heaviest and widest I have ever been before in my life. 96.4kg with a 113cm waist. I started losing wait when Hayley got diagnosed and the world went to crap. Over the next 18 months my size and weight was a bit up and down but not much down really.

January 2018 I was back up to 94.5kg and I don’t know about the waistline. With a little bit of exercise and some thought into healthier eating. Mostly just the thought really but on 11th June, 2018 I got below 90kg for the first time in in 2 years. Sitting on 89.8kg.

On the 12th of June I started the Thrive 8 Week Experience by Le-Vel. Now, things I like, don’t like and love about Le-Vel:-

Likes: Super easy 3 step process. All 3 steps done before breakfast. Delicious, easy mix shake.

Don’t likes: No Australian warehouse means slow, expensive delivery fee. Using Australia post means slow, unreliable delivery. Other people’s opinions based on it being an MLM company. The promo videos, someone there has some awesome design skills but a 2 minute ad gives 15 seconds of info with lots of whizz-bang.

Loves: It works. It really works. From day 1 I had more energy than I can even remember feeling. More awake, more alert, more, more, more. My waist started to shrink.

I didn’t do any before photos and measurements as I was a bit skeptical so it was 6 days later on the 18th June I was 89.4kg with a 106.1cm waist.

With that in mind I am about to take a break from the product. 20 weeks later of the 3 steps almost every day and this week I’m not feeling the benefits. I could also do with saving some money. 

On 29th July I started to do DDP Yoga. Downloaded the DDPY NOW app and started following it a bit. But over the weeks followed it more and better and felt stronger and more flexible. The weight wasn’t really dropping but the waist line is disappearing. So at the start of DDPY I weighed 88.2kg and was down to 101cm.

For most of this journey I was averaging a loss of 1cm per week off my waist. Until the week with the all you can eat buffet for dinner and free beer on the Saturday followed by a couple of pints of Guinness on the Sunday. I actually gained half a centimetre. 😦

I put in a big effort the next week and over a few weeks, almost got the average back up almost in line again. 

Last Sunday I completed my 13 Week Beginner Program for DDP Yoga. Probably the longest I have stuck at anything in my whole life. This week with injuries and a stomach virus means that week 1 of my 13 Week  Intermediate Program has started badly. But none the less, here are the results. 


15th May, 2016 Jan, 2017 18th June, 2018 29th July, 2018 4th Nov, 2018

Heaviest ever

Starting to think healthier

Just started   Le-Vel

Started DDPY








Waist 113cm ? 106.1cm 101cm


So, since starting Le-Vel that is 3.4kg lost, not a lot but it’s a loss of 17.8cm off my waist. That’s an average of about 8.9mm per week.

Since starting DDPY I have dropped 2.2kg and 2.7cm off my waist. I think the main reason I’m not losing much weight with the DDPY is that I am building muscle. Not in size so much but definitely getting stronger and more flexible.

Still happy to help people get started on either or both of these paths if interested. Don’t worry skeptics, DDP Yoga isn’t MLM, I’m just happy to make friends healthier. It’s almost worth signing up just for some of the recipes (Wrestlepes). Seriously in love with Linda’s Romano Crusted Chicken.

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Love to all, chat soon

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