The Amazingly Generous People Part Three.

You know how sometimes you plan to do something and then other things happen so you delay and delay until so many other things happen that you forget? Well I do. In fact, back on 26th January, 2017 I posted a blog called The Amazingly Generous People Part One. Then on 9th April, 2017 I posted The Amazingly Generous People Part Two. This was supposed to continue in the hope to mention as many people as I possibly could during Hayley’s treatment. Now the struggle is going to be trying to remember.

So I will start with the mums from Hayley’s school. In particular Andrea who led the march. She repeatedly performed Reiki on Hayley and gave Hayley a blanket that to this day Hayley still refers to as her Magic Blanket and still uses it to feel better. Andrea was also aware that we needed a lot of love, help and support. So she started a Facebook group for the mums called Hayley’s Helpers. That way they could communicate as to what was wanted/needed/required at the time without double ups. She also used her house as the drop off point so that we weren’t bombarded constantly with well wishers. 

A sunny day outside The Royal Children’s Hospital with the Magic Blanket keeping the sun off.
A typical view at the hospital under the Magic Blanket.
Sometimes the Magic Blanket made a great pillow.

Another mum from Hayley’s school was the amazing Chantal. So many nights when preparing meals for her own family, she would increase the quantity quite significantly, then, straight after dishing up her family’s dinner she would dart out and drop off our dinner, then head home again to eat hers. 

Because of Andrea and Chantal we were very grateful to one of Leia’s best friends Christy. Christy had a deep freeze that she wasn’t using. So many meals that we were able to take with us to The Royal Children’s Hospital and microwaved in the parents room. Saved us so much money compared to the constant takeaway food that was becoming habit. A lot healthier too.

Leia’s mum Sue had retired to a different state nearly a year before Hayley’s cancer journey started. Now this isn’t meant to take away from anyone else at all and we are incredibly grateful for everything that everybody did. But Sue just went above and beyond anyone’s possible expectations. She would fly down for weeks at a time. Making sure Hayley’s older 2 siblings got to school, were fed, had clean clothes to wear, etc. Frequently causing the need to re-stack the deep freeze so that the lid would close as she go a cooking frenzy. Sue would prepare a weeks worth of various meals in an afternoon. I’d come home from the hospital to find my work uniform washed and folded ready for me. Now I’d be lying if I said my relationship with my mother-in-law was always perfect. Yeah, there is often things between mother-in-laws and son-in-laws. But when needed, none of that mattered. This incredible lady stepped up and I will always be grateful. With that I would naturally have to thank and acknowledge her husband Les. Patiently waiting for his wife who was in another state. Sometimes he would come along too and help. Flights, food, travel, taxis, etc. I hope that one day the Lotto will recognise my numbers and although it won’t payback their generosity, I might be able replace the dollars spent.

Sue making sure Leia ate well before coming in to the hospital.

There will be at least half a dozen more on this subject. I have no doubt I will reach The Amazingly Generous People Part Ten. Hopefully the gaps between them won’t be as long as Part Two and Part Three. But I won’t do them all in a row. I’d love to hear what it is you want to hear about.

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Love to all, chat soon

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