The Amazingly Generous People Part Four.

The Overseas Chapter.

So many people bag out social media as the most evil of evils but I personally believe that it has destroyed distance and borders on so many levels. Sadly that has helped the bigots and ignorant also share their crap and hate over a much larger area too but it has also helped share love to and from places unimaginable to a child born 30 or more years ago. I grew up in a small country town where the primary school had grown from 18 students to 55 students in total from the year before I started to when I was in grade 6. I can still tell you all five names of the other grade 6’s from my year and 3 of their birthdays. The closest I ever got to multiculturalism was when someone from New Zealand started at our school. New Zealand is almost another state of Australia. It is so close that if there are any success stories from there then we call them Australian successes. Eg. Russell Crowe, Crowded House and Phar Lap.

Anyway, my generous people blog. When I posted that eyelash photo on Facebook. People reached out from all all over to share their love, blessings, prayers and best wishes. We even had people from various religions asking permission to pray in their church (or whatever their place of worship is called. please excuse my ignorance.)

Being in Melbourne at the time meant that blankets were a great gift idea. I was approached by a lady from Maryland, U.S.A. named Caroline. Caroline asked me what was Hayley into. At the time (and lots of times since) Hayley was binge watching episodes of My Little Pony. The lady asked me for my address. I gave it. Sometime later a My Little Pony Blanket arrived for Hayley.

A Melbourne comedian now living and working in Los Angeles named Tom asked me if there was anything Hayley wanted that wasn’t available in Australia. His timing was perfect. She was wanting a Beanie Boo named Legs who wasn’t in any shops in Australia anymore. next thing you know, a parcel arrives and there is Legs the Octopus Beanie Boo with a collection of all sorts of bits and pieces.


Also from the U.S.A. is another amazingly generous lady named Nicole DeRosa Cannella. Actor, author, speaker, mum, good person. Nicole wrote a book Leaving A Mark. Inspired by another brave young (too young) warrior named Dorian “D-Strong” Murray who was fighting cancer. Sadly Dorian lost his battle with this horrible thing. The book arrived in the mail signed by Nicole and Dorian’s mum, Melissa. An awesome read and a comfort for any child going through this to know they are not alone.

The book is available to buy here:-
Some of the money is donated to charities that are fighting children’s cancer. Hopefully Nicole with comment below to correct and/or clarify any of my comments there, please?

Now to the other side of the planet. England. Somehow the timing was perfect for one of the biggest hearted people you could ever hope to meet (and I do hope to meet, one day). This guy had just finished fundraising for a sick little girl over in the U.K. when he started looking for his next project. The “Eyelash” photo found him and so Lee Ellis reached out to me to ask how he could help. He did all he could to help raise awareness for what Hayley was going though including, plucking out his own eyelash on a live Facebook video. He then got his hands on a signed Manchester United guernsey and raffled it off, sending us all the money raised.

He has since helped several other special causes, lost his day job (maybe twice) and has now opened one of the most inspirational ideas/companies I have ever heard of. The company is called NU2U. It is a monthly pop up shop which offers FREE clothing, toiletries, sanitary items and sleeping bags to the homeless and needing of Telford. Click on the link and click Like on his Facebook please.

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Love to all, chat soon

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