One Month Update.

Well, here we go. I gave all the background and explanation in the blog Head, Body, Heart, please go have a read. Now, I stood on the scales and got the tape measure out on Tuesday 31st March 2020. so here are the comparisons.

Day 1 (29th Feb)

Weight 94.5kg (208 pounds)

Waist 107cm (42 inches)


Day 31 (31st March)

Weight 91.4kg (201 pounds)

Waist 102cm (40 inches)


That’s a loss of:-

Weight 3.1kg (7 pounds)

Waist 5cm (2 inches)


This is just from following the Beginner Program on the DDPY Now App, 3 days a week and making sure that I Close The Rings on my Apple Watch on all the other days as well. I now that I could have even better results if I used the app fully and paid a bit more attention to the crap I eat. There has been some crap. For starters, my Birthday is in March. Work bought me a cake and so did my family. I also need to work on my need to have a bowl of cheese and onion flavoured chips on my lap when I watch TV. Maybe I should watch less TV.

All 3 Rings Closed every day.

Now the Move Ring is the only one that be adjusted. The original plan was to burn 2,000 kilojoules (478 calories) and then put it up by 100 kilojoules (24 calories) on the 1st of every month. Well this month I have averaged 3083 kilojoules (737 calories) a day with the lowest day being 2137 kilojoules (511 calories) so I am putting it up to 2,500 kilojoules (598 calories) and will review again on the 1st of May. With a minimum of 100 kilojoules (24 calories).

With everyone stuck at home at the moment I suggest you at least try DDPYoga. There is no commissions or kickbacks for me telling you this. But if you are missing the gym and/or your yoga class then have a shot at the 7 day free trial and see what you think. Pro Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page created the DDP Yoga after he damaged his back. He developed a new style with a combination of Yoga, Rehab, Calisthenics and Dynamic Resistance. There are even routines for those stuck in bed or in a chair. It works on core strength, balance, flexibility and mobility. DDP found out later that there was an awesome side effect when people started reporting massive weight loss with NO IMPACT Exercise.

3 Weeks and this much more flexibility.

Again I’m going to share 2 of the most inspirational vides I have ever seen:-

Arthur :- For Inspirational video click HERE!

Jared :- For Inspirational video click HERE!

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Love to all, chat soon!

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