Natalie’s YouTube is BACK!

My very funny, talented and clever Natalie launched her YouTube channel at the end of last year. She posted a few times over December and January and then year 11 school started. So sadly she ran out of time to do more.

Well, she’s back with a post from her trip to Melbourne earlier this year. 

A few people have told me that it’s cool how we’ve done this. Please allow me to correct this assumption. She has filmed, recorded, edited, etc, etc all by herself. Whenever I make suggestions she sounds genuinely appreciative and says yeah, cool. I’m wondering if it the same as when a comedian hears “You can use that in your act” and we would smile and say thank you. Then never even consider it or any part of the idea at all, ever. But Natalie is super polite and I don’t even feel like I’m being politely dismissed.

Natalie turned 16 years old in January so it’s not hard to guess that her target demographic is teenage girls. The make up one definitely fell into that category. But most parts of all the others can be enjoyed at any age bracket. The Christmas Gingerbread Cookies was hilarious and a friend of mine was quoting some of the jokes to me.

Anyway, this is a short post from a super proud dad (This could be a part 2 almost to the blog Super Proud Dad Right Here!). Please click on this link:-

Natalie’s YouTube Channel

Please hit the Subscribe button, watch her videos and I don’t have to ask you to enjoy, I know you will. Let’s get her over 1,000 subscribers before the end of April.

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Love to all, chat soon!

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