The Summary of Hayley’s Journey After Cancer.

Well here we are in June 2020. 4 years ago in June 2016 my beautiful little girl Hayley (also know as Warrior Princess, Catgirl, Batgirl and 1 very amazing gentleman I know named Coombesy calls her his Hero) was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. A fairly rare type of soft tissue cancer that presented itself as a 5cm tumour, filling her nasal cavity. For more details, look at my older blogs, starting with My 2016 Journey Part 1. Or you could just skip to the Blog titled The Summary of Hayley’s Journey. 

But in summary. Hayley had 6 months nasty chemo, radiation, etc, followed by 12 months not as nasty. There was definitely some improvement in health, immune system and hair growth.

During that 12 months there was an oral chemo that we gave to Hayley every night before bed. Her very last dose of chemo was that one on 17th December 2017.

That was followed a few days later with scans, tests, x-rays, etc and on 22nd December 2017, Hayley was officially told by her Doctor that she was in Complete Remission. We may have shed more than a few happy tears.

Then, on 18th January 2018, Hayley, her mum, brother and sister flew to Queensland to live. I continued packing and drove up a week later.

Hayley started grade 3 that year and her new teacher had a daughter who had beaten childhood cancer many years earlier, so she was pretty understanding of Hayley’s time off for appointment’s and stuff.

Bit Of A Fever.

Hayley’s immune system was still low and growing and on Saturday 9th June 2018 we got to spend several hours in our local hospitals Emergency Department when Hayley had a fever. All was fine and we headed home later that same day.

Hospital wise:- For the first 2 years after treatment finished, Hayley had to get an MRI, X-ray and blood test every 3 months to make sure the tumour isn’t coming back. Now she is getting scanned every 6 months. That is 9 times so far. Hayley’s Port was removed. I have a blog about that HERE. She also had to get her immunisations up to date and multiple dentist appointments to monitor potential damage to the teeth by the radiation. So more than a dozen visits to the hospital.

We still have our movies to watch as well. Hayley and I worked our way through the 23 Marvel movies. At the moment we are halfway through season for of Star Wars – The Clone Wars. We watched the movies Part  1 and 2. The Clone Wars series fits between movies part 2 and 3. When we get to the end of season 7 we will resume watching the films.

How Is Hayley Going Now? Well, I think that is best told in photos.

Hayley Putting The Furniture Back Together After The Move
Rockin’ The Dentist Chair.
Loving The Water.

Giving Back By Buying A Gingerbread Man Toy. Thank You Red Kite
Thank You Make-A-Wish Australia For The Cubby Hayley Designed.

This Is Someone Who Just Got Their Scan Results Back.
Another Scan Day

What Better for Book Week than Belle reading a 1955 print of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

She Wanted To Swim On Her 9th Birthday.
Colouring In on her 10th Birthday.
Love Your Sister’s Sam Johnson Was So Happy To Meet The Warrior Princess.
Hot Chocolate after another Successful Scan Day.
Garden Area at Children’s Hospital between appointments.
A Gift From Amazing Author And Good Friend Nicole Cannella.
Th Face of Someone Celebrating 2 Years in Remission.



28th April, 2020 Hayley decided to give DDP Yoga a go.

17th Dec 2017 – Last Chemo.
17th Dec 2019 – Hand feeding a wild dolphin named Mystique.
On Top of Emu Mountain.
Hayley Joined the School Choir.

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Love to all, chat soon!

4 thoughts on “The Summary of Hayley’s Journey After Cancer.

  1. What an amazing journey your family has been on, it is inspiring to see how well she is doing. I wish you and your family much health and joy!

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