June, 4 Month, JB and Me Update.

Sorry it’s late. Will talk about that in the next Blog.

One of my inspirations to get started on this journey was seeing a photo my son took a photo of me using his VR headset back in December 2019.  It took until late Feb 2020 to start but I DID start. At the end of June I recreated that photo:-

On the left is December 2019. When I saw this photo I felt disgusted at where I let myself get. Then after a month or so of disgust, disappointment and beer which, strangely enough didn’t help, I decided to reactivate my DDPY Now membership. So 24th February I started again. 28th June with the help of family I re-enacted the original photo (on the right) and I’m feeling a lot better about this one.

My weight is on 27th June is down to 86.8kg (191.4 pounds). That is a loss of 0.6kg (1.3 pounds) in June and a total loss of 7.5kg (16.5 pounds) since I started.

My waist is now down to 95cm (37.4 inches). That is a loss of 1cm (0.4 inches) in June and a total loss of 12cm (4.7 inches) since I started.

Had a rough week in the 2nd week of June. Ill health and depression kicked in. Hard to know which was first. They both team up well and help strengthen the other. Tried to get back the 3rd week but not smoothly. The last 2 days of June will be mentioned in the next Blog.

My Move Ring target of 2,900 kilojoules (693 calories) was missed 12 times. I averaged 2823 kilojoules (675 calories) for the month. Well down on last month. Anyway, the new daily goal for July is 3,000 kilojoules (717 calories).

The JB and Me Challenge. Photo on the left is where the challenge started on 14th March. On the right is 28th June. Jackson is 3kg closer to Target. I’m still planning to get that Crystal Head Aurora Vodka.

I haven’t said much about DDPY this time but that is still the reason for all my success here. Happy to answer any questions about DDPY or Closing The Rings. At least, provide the best answers I can from my experiences.

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Love to all, chat soon!

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