My July, Definitely Not a Dry July. Part 1 of 2.

I know I only posted my June update at the end of July and my last BLOG was a big part why. Here is what happened next.

When I left Queensland for Victoria to be with family, there were no restrictions flying in or out. Just some extra paperwork to say that I wasn’t sick. Then there was a bit of a COVID-19 spike in Victoria which meant different paperwork. Then it was announced that on Friday 3rd July at midday the law was changing to a forced, motel quarantine when returning to Queensland.

So, sadly and reluctantly my wife flew back home on the Thursday to be with the kids and wasn’t able to be at the scattering of My Little Brother Pete’s ashes. We couldn’t both be away for nearly 3 weeks On Friday 3rd July at midday the rest of us gathered to say goodbye to Pete.

We then went for a drink or 2 at the American Hotel in Creswick. After a couple of hours everyone dispersed and went home. As I had consumed a few (not a lot, really), I sat out the front of the pub in my car, playing on my phone for enough hours that I would then be safe to drive. I drove to a motel, then Saturday I drove from the motel to the airport.

After the nurse at the airport checked my temperature and we played 20 questions, I was then allowed though to security and then through to the waiting area. 2 out of every 3 seats are blocked so people can’t sit too close. Then you get on the plan where they stack you on top of each other. I don’t get it. There was probably only 10 people on the flight so they put us all in 3 rows together. Not even every second row. Or as room would have allowed, every 10th row, Weird.

When we landed in Brisbane and got off the plane, the was a table with about 12 police officers behind it ready for another round of 20 questions and to fill in new paperwork as the 3 attempts at paperwork so far have become null and void. At the end of the row of tables were the chairs of the waiting area and next to them were about a dozen soldiers. After the paperwork I needed to pee. 2 of the soldiers had to escort me to the nearest public toilet. One in front and one behind. I waited outside as one went in to make sure that no one else was in the toilet. Then he came back out and I was allowed to go in. Then we marched single file back again to the waiting area. When everyone’s paperwork and questions were sorted, 7 of us plus some police and soldiers went to the luggage collection, then on to the minibus to the Pullman Motel at the Airport.

That is where I stayed for the next 14 nights. Room 505. Quite a nice room really. King bed, small couch, small desk, shower and toilet. Much classier than where I stayed the Friday night in Ballarat. Although that room had a spa and Netflix.

The View From Room 505.

Remembering that I was only away for a few days meant that I only packed enough undies, socks, etc for a few days. So day 1 was a bathroom sink full of hot water, socks, undies, etc and then hung over the glass shower and toilet doors to dry.

At this point a big shout out to my man Dan Reader. Not only constantly checking in on my mental health but he picked up a case full of clothes, real coffee (thanks Natalie), chips and beer from Leia and brought it to the motel where he dropped it off at reception and they brought it to my room. Where a police officer helped me look through to make sure that nothing bad was snuck in. Thank you heaps Dan, incredibly appreciated. (Please click on all the links in that paragraph and Like/follow/subscribe/etc)

In the case that Dan brought was also my Apple TV so I could put my DDPY workouts on the big screen instead of just looking at the app on my phone. More on that in Part 2 of 2.

So over those 3 weeks of getting the news of Pete, time with family and 2 weeks quarantine I can safely say that the beer consumption average had gone up a little compared to the previous few months. Anyway, more on the Quarantine in My July, Definitely Not a Dry July. Part 2 of 2. Which will include my July Update on the health, weight and fitness.

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Love to all, chat soon!

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