My July, Definitely Not a Dry July. Part 2 of 2.

The strangest thing to me in my quarantine was my calmer than normal, mental state. Especially when considering the events leading up to it (Read my last 2 Blogs). As someone who has been diagnosed with depression, I really didn’t experience any in that 2 weeks. There were some rougher moments. But we all have those. I strongly recommend that everyone should try this level of isolation. No people, no family, no partner and no kids. I also recommend 2 days not 2 weeks.

Three things that helped me stay occupied both physically and mentally was my morning walk/run, DDPY and some fun posts on Instagram. The room was just under 10m long so a good walk/run involved a lot of u-turns. In fact it was somewhere between 11 and 12 laps that equalled 100m. Yes, I had time to think, lots of time. Every morning I would get up, have brekky, set the exercise app and start walking. Each day going further and faster was the goal and overall, I did achieve this. Except Day 6 where I was having a FaceTime conversation with Leia as we both walked. To busy talking to put as much effort in but it was the most enjoyable walk of all. Day 13 I got to do my walk/run outside. That meant a lot less u-turns so easier to maintain the speed until more people entered the small outdoor area we were allowed to use. So lots of weaving and dodging added.

Each Day A Bit Further.
The U-Turns Took Their Toll On The Carpet.

I’d usually wait about half an hour, sometimes more and then do a DDPY workout or 2. With the DDPY Now App you earn points with your workouts. When you hit 100,000 points you can get a free t-shirt. I had this motivational picture on my computer screen to remind me of my goal.

As DDP says “Don’t Just Think It – Ink It”

But thanks to quarantine and extra workouts and longer workouts, I ordered my free t-shirt on the 12th July.

During the 1 week in Victoria and 2 weeks in quarantine I have to admit that the food eaten wasn’t exactly fitting in with any eating goals or plans. An area I have been pretty slack on anyway. I have also mention the increase in beer intake. So I wasn’t surprised that over that 3 weeks I had put on 2.3kg (5 pounds). But I was surprised that I had lost 1cm (0.4 inch) off my waist and lost 1.2% body fat. I assumed that I had put on a bit of muscle with the DDPY Jacked workouts. I was so happy with how I was feeling that for a brief moment I even considered quitting my day job so that I could maintain this level of exercise. Then I remembered that you can’t maintain that level of exercise if you can’t afford to buy food, hahaha.

24th Feb versus 16th July

On the 18th July I was finally home again. Started eating better and cut the exercise back a bit. I lost some of that weight again but didn’t get back down to the end of June’s weight. But I did lose even more off my waist.

My weight on 1st August is 87.5kg (192.9 pounds). That is a gain of 0.7kg (1.5 pounds) in July and a total loss of 6.8kg (15 pounds) since I started.

My waist is now down to 92.5cm (36.4 inches). That is a loss of 2.5cm (1 inch) in July and a total loss of 14.5cm (5.7 inches) since I started.

Missed a couple but if was easy to get all the time then what is the challenge?

As for Closing The Rings on my Apple Watch. For the first 18 days of July I averaged more than 5,300 kilojoules (1267 calories) a day. Well above my Move Ring target of 3,000 kilojoules (717 calories). I missed the target 5 times in the month. I averaged 4363 kilojoules (1043 calories) overall. Well up on last month. Anyway, the new daily goal for August is 3,100 kilojoules (741 calories).

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Love to all, chat soon!

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