Not A New Year Resolution, Just New(ish).

Personally I don’t believe in the whole New Year Resolution thing. I think it is a powerful way of setting yourself up for disappointment. Changing the calendar on the wall doesn’t really change anything else. So many memes at the moment about 2021 not being better than 2020, well der!

If you actually want things to get better then YOU need to make things better. Changing the calendar isn’t enough. If there is something you want to do, then do it. Not because it’s the first day of January and magical unicorns will make the world perfect. But because YOU want to. Regardless of the day or year, just do it. 

So, here is what I’m doing. Some may remember my posts last year about getting into shape and how they stopped. Well that’s because I stopped. Although I haven’t completely reversed all the good work that I achieved, I have definitely gone backwards. Starting today, 10th January I am starting again. Back into DDPY. Back to Closing The Rings on my Apple Watch. Back to significantly Less Back Pain. Back to More Flexibility. Back to Less Waistline. Then continuing past where I got to and working on even less back pain and even more flexibility and a lot less waistline.

Today I signed up for the Positively Unstoppable Challenge. This is through DDPY and will add to the motivation. The winners get money. Yes, I want the money but it doesn’t actually have anything to do with why I signed up. The last paragraph explained why I signed up. It also adds a little bit of accountability.

Last year I also posted a blog called The JB and Me Challenge. This also dropped off but Jackson and I are back. I gained weight and he lost some so we a back at the start. This time we have put an end date on it as well. So the challenge is still the first to reach their goal. Him up to 75kg and me down to 80kg. Whoever is closest on the 30th June 2021 will win the Crystal Skull Aurora Vodka bottle. We are both a similar distance from our goals.

The JB and Me Challenge photo from March 2020

I also plan to do a few blogs that are about other things too. I’d love to hear what you want to hear about.

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Love to all, chat soon!

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