My 5 Year Story

Well here is My 5 Year Story and my 7 week update. (for anyone who has time for a read)

May 2016: I hit the heaviest (99kg/218 pounds) and widest (waist 113cm/44.5 inches) I have ever been in my life. Partially, deliberately. I had written a short film called Not Yet about a guy who gets cancer. I was playing that character and the goal was to be 2 days of filming with 6 months in between so that I could lose a heap of weight. Healthy(ish) guy then skinny guy going through treatment. I drank a few beers and ate a few pizzas in the weeks leading up to filming to help exaggerate before and after.

June 2016: 5 weeks after filming day 1, I was down 8kg/17.6 pounds. 5 weeks after filming day 1, ironically, my 6yo daughter was diagnosed with cancer. We never filmed day 2. There was 6 months of heavy treatment with more nights in hospital than out. My wife and I took it in turns staying overnight at the hospital. Lot’s of take away, lots of junk, lots of crap, not a lot of movement.

2017: This was a year of “Maintenance” treatment. So still more chemo. Still seeing doctors and the hospital almost every week but only one overnight stay. Still a lot’s of take away, lots of junk, lots of crap, not a lot of movement. But my little girl was getting stronger and her hair coming back.

Mid 2017: I decided to get back into the acting and I did the Howard Fine Masterclass in June/July when Howard (who you will see introducing DDP on “Living Life at 90%”) came over to Australia. My next audition I got the lead role in a short film. My 2nd short film was a short documentary about my daughter’s journey with cancer. It is called “The Girl With One Eyelash” titled after a photo I took in hospital went viral.

December 2017: My daughter Hayley is in COMPLETE REMISSION!!!

January 2018: Moved interstate with the family to have a new start. Started the first full time job I have had in over 8 years. Sometime in 2018 I learned about DDPY.

June 2018: Started DDPY.

July 2018: Almost back up to my heaviest again. Started DDPY. Completed Beginner 2.0 and did about 2-3 more weeks and then stopped. I got down to 85kg/187 pounds and an 89cm/35 inch waist.

2019: Depression, dark thoughts, verbally and physically abusing myself for not DDPYing, for not Acting, for not doing Stand Up Comedy anymore, for not, for not, for not and for letting the day job treat me the way they did.

Feb 2020: Started DDPY again. I had gone back up to 94.3kg/207.9 pounds and 107cm/42 inch waist. Stuck at DDPY for longer than ever and longer than I recall sticking at anything for a long time.

June 2020: DDPY and walking was going great. News came through that my little brother Pete was hooked up to life support. By the time I had got back to my home state/town he had died. I had a few days before the service and everyone had gone back to their own homes again. Luckily I had packed my mat. Did DDPY and walked every day. Down to 86.5kg/190.7 pounds 95cm/37.4 inches waist.

Feb 2020 (2nd start) to results in the quarantine motel in July 2020.

July 2020: Covid had another outbreak so quarantine rules kicked in. My wife flew home to be with the kids and couldn’t go to the service. We sprinkled my little brothers ashes, went to his favourite pub and had a few beers. A few hours later everyone went home. I sat outside the pub for a couple of hours so that it was safe to drive. I wasn’t drunk but playing it safe. I found a motel and spent a lonely night in my hometown. The next day I got on a plane to head home. Everyone on the flight was met at the Brisbane Airport by the army and police and escorted to a motel where we would spend the next 2 weeks. Stuck inside with my yoga mat and DDPY Now app and a view of the airport. Everyday I walked/ran further and was doing some advanced workouts including some of the Jacked ones. By the end I think I put on some muscle because I gained weight but even less weight. 87.5kg/192.2 pounds 92.5cm/36.4 inches waist.

Back home and back to work meant that I couldn’t work on my fitness to the same level I had been and the step back made me pissed off and so I stopped completely. That’s logical, right?

Dec 2020: Told work that I was switching to part time to focus on mental and physical health. It was also to work on the new Feature Film script I’m writing.

10th January. 3rd Start.

10th Jan 2021: 92.3kg/203.5 pounds and 101cm/39.8 inch waist. I signed up for the DDPY 2021 POSITIVELY UNSTOPPABLE CHALLENGE! I started going for a walk most days and on the 24th Jan I actually started to do DDPY again. I also started using the Nike Run Club app.

Feb 2021: Really taking advantage of the NRC (Nike Run Club app.) and started using their Guided Runs. Improving on the quantity and quality of my DDPY Workouts.

Today, 28th February: Is 7 weeks later. Today 87.6kg/193 pounds and 94cm/37 inches waist. This last week I have worked the hardest but made the least difference. I’m putting it down to waking up some muscles and they’re adding weight.

Congrats and sorry to anyone who read all of that.

28th Feb 2021. THIS IS MY LIFE NOW! WATCH THIS SPACE! Now to lose the white singlet.

Tomorrow 1st March 2021: and onwards. NRC (Nike Run Club) at least 5 days a week. DDPY at least 5 days a week. Getting my 10,000 Steps Everyday. Closing all 3 Rings on the Apple Watch Everyday.

My Goals by 30th June 2021:

Weight 80kg / 176 pounds

Waist 80cm / 31.5 inches

Run 5km under 30 minutes


I have since realised that the 80cm goal might be pushing it but let’s aim for it anyway.

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Love to all, chat soon.

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