The Characters of NOT YET

This is something I’ve been meaning to write for about a year. Whenever I have done any sort of fiction writing in the past, I have always been stuck when it comes to creating character names. Whether short stories for school, my attempt at a novel and even script writing. To the point where I […]

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The Bite Of The Big Black Dog

This is a long time between blogs. When you aim to do one weekly or sometimes, maybe, a fortnight later and then, suddenly, six weeks goes past. A big part of that is I wanted the next one to be a lot cheerier than the last. Let’s be honest, if they were all like that […]

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Sometimes Someone Feels The Need To Thank You But You’ll Never Know That Maybe You Just Saved Their Life!

You never could possibly know exactly what is going on inside someone’s head. Their smile may only be a mask that they are showing to those who can see. Maybe even their smile no longer bothers to show as no one is looking anyway. Sometime the thoughts and emotions can travel to dark and very […]

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The Long Distance Dad

I was 17 when I got my first girlfriend. Unless you include the time that a girl named Snake that I had a crush on agreed to go out with me. Two days later I was admitted to hospital to have my appendix out and a week later, the day after I got out, she […]

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My Pain, Their Thrill

Why is it the biggest laughs for my children is when their dad says “OW!” Especially when at their own hands, or feet, or hard plastic toy in their hands! Or the most dangerous and frightful item of all to all men. The solid forehead of a running three year old. What faulty part of […]

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The Blogging Begins

I started writing a blog in March of this year on a site that wasn’t so great for blogging. A very good friend who does a great blog called Raising Master Max put me onto this site. Much easier, thank you. So I thought I’d start this new site with my other first blog pasted across […]

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