The Amazingly Generous People Part Three.

You know how sometimes you plan to do something and then other things happen so you delay and delay until so many other things happen that you forget? Well I do. In fact, back on 26th January, 2017 I posted a blog called The Amazingly Generous People Part One. Then on 9th April, 2017 I …

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Hayley’s Port Is Gone.

I think I might be repeating myself too much but here I go again. 18th June 2016; Hayley take to Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. 19th June 2016; The scans found something. 20th-23rd June 2016; Fasting, tests, fasting, scans, more tests, more scans, maybe an x-ray. 23rd June 2016; We are told that Hayley has cancer. …

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