Reflecting on my 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival experience.

Thought I’d change the subject this week to mix it up a bit. I found this blog I wrote in 2013 but for some reason never published. The venue sadly doesn’t exist anymore and the show was a lot of fun and a big success. Anyway here it is:-

No worries, there’s no urgency on that, I’ll do it next week when I have more time. WHAT? Next week was 4 weeks ago? How, when and why did that happen??? As usual the mad panic running around like a head with its chook cut off, doing everything last minute and still expecting everything to be ready in time.

Let’s look at the system. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival needs all the money, details and photos ready and supplied by November the year before. The Festival doesn’t start until the last Wednesday of March and runs through till 4 Sundays later. So that gives everyone 4 months to take care of all the finer and final details to get it all up and running. So just relax, there’s no panic.

I also have the extra comfort of a show that doesn’t start day 1 of the festival. I have added an extra week and a half before starting The Comedy Gallery’s show Best In The West to be held at Bianco Cafe, 553 Barkly Street, West Footscray (Subtle Plug).

At 9 days before the show (yesterday) while still working on the little details, like WTF am I doing, I get an apologetic message from one of the 3 main cast member that they’re not able to do the show. It is legitimate reasons so I’m not angry. Very disappointed but not angry. I hope she’s okay.

This does however throw a spanner in the works. Although in all honesty, not all the works were in place yet. More like throwing the spanner into some cogs lying on the ground, waiting to be put into place. Mostly sorted and stacked neatly and some stuck in a bit of mud and having trouble moving but there. Now some of those cogs have been removed and the rest need to be restacked and resorted then put into the works in a spanner avoiding style.

I like to think that maybe down the track when I look back at all the experiences over the years of putting these shows on that I’ll find the humour and put together a show based on putting together a show. Not sure if it would be a comedy or a dramatic piece. I think both.

Every festival show hits in with a new issue. I like to approach it all in a way to avoid all previous problems to find that none of them are interested in reappearing. They’ve just sent their friends to shit me instead. Somehow I find that every festival show at some point makes me feel like I’m in the deep end of the pool on my first swimming lesson. I guess I’m just lucky that I love the water and don’t mind getting my hair wet.

Now to try and work rehearsing in my home office with kids on school holidays. What doesn’t kill us only makes us drink more!

Now for the full and proper plug:-

The Comedy Gallery presents:

Best In The West

With Andrew Brown (me), Dale Craig and 2 special guests every show.

Bianco Cafe
553 Barkly Street
West Footscray
5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 April 2013 at 8:30pm

$15 show only and $29 meal & show (Please aim for 7:30pm for meal and show)

For bookings go to NO LONGER APPLICABLE

All profits will be donated to Les Twentyman’s 20th Man Fund to support their great and ongoing work. We handed over a bit over $800.

Anyway, next week, back to updates. 

P.S. Please feel free to read my other blogs and to subscribe so you know when they are coming in.

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