The Comedy Gallery Part 3 of 3

So where are they now?…  

Yes, The Comedy Gallery has been pretty quiet over the last few years. With our last venture for young Meika and her family Check poster in last blog or even the blog called The Comedy Gallery For Meika). The usual suspects jumped in to help. Sadly, I couldn’t get to that one as I have moved to Queensland. I still had fun with the poster design.

The last thing I did was my solo show back in 2017, The Comedy Gallery Presents Andrew Brown – The Most Boring Name In Entertainment. With $2 per ticket, plus the contents of the bucket at the door going to The Children’s Caner Foundation. Gave them about $800.

Then early 2018 I moved north and went into a full-time day job. Then, just before Covid stopped everything, good mate and fellow actor Dan Reader moved up from Melbourne and just around the corner. He stayed busy with acting and, in fact, got busier. Gave me a kick up the arse and now I have an agent again and have started writing. I’ve almost got a feature film script ready to go. More on this soon. 

Dale Craig on the other hand has kept himself very busy. He wrote a book called My Survival Guide to LOVE, which you can purchase and read on Kindle. Please, please, please click on these links and click like and/or follow etc. He is The Soldier Of Love, firing loads of quality relationship advice your way on his Facebook page. Now The Soldier Of Love has released 2 songs on iTunes. Please get on board there, or should I say “Do yourself a favour!”, (thanks Molly Meldrum) The songs are Mr Vacuum Cleaner Man and Seagull Love.

Peter Flaherty has also been very busy. Winning awards from some of his acting. His lead role as Eugene in feature film Choir Girl has earned Pete and the film numerous nominations and a few wins in several areas. Also Pete’s lead role in short film Harvey as Harvey, many nominations and wins. In fact, in at least one of the festivals, Pete was up against himself as a contender for Best Actor. Which he WON!!! I just can’t remember if Eugene or Harvey won, lol. 

Pete has also teamed up with Jackson Ezard to write a feature film which is now aiming at getting a bit of funding so they can make it. So if you have a spare dollar or two or lots please go to and give them a hand, which will give me a hand as I will push my way into their film someway or another. 

Anyway, The Comedy Gallery isn’t dead, it’s just resting after a long squawk, lovely plumage (Thank you Monty Python). We will be back, we will do more, we will raise more money for others while forgetting to feed ourselves. Maybe one day we’ll get some paid gigs for ourselves, hahaha. But we’ll always jump up again for a good cause. I might be a bit rusty after all this time away from the stage but I do miss it. Maybe time to get back to it. ???

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Love to all, chat soon

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