Andrew Brown – The Most Boring Name In Entertainment.

Less than a week before opening night. Am I nervous?? Let me put it this way, I’m writing this from the toilet to save any clean up. Okay, slight exaggeration. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit uncomfortable.

In 6 days at 6pm the show starts.

The Comedy Gallery presents:- Andrew Brown – The Most Boring Name In Entertainment.

Now a rather annoying thing has happened to the live comedy scene. If a show says it starts at 8 they usually wait until the audience is in and settled and start a few minutes late. Then audiences decided that they didn’t need to rush because the nights never start on time anyway. So they try to start at 8:15. Then people started coming in at 8:15 so they wait for people to settle so an 8pm show starts at 8:30pm. People have got to know that and don’t bother trying to be there in time for 8pm.

The problem with that is when things like the Fringe Festival or Comedy Festival come around. There is often several shows in the one room, one after the other. Which means you need to be out straight after the show to allow room for the next show. My show starts at 6pm and I need to be out of the room by 7pm. So this is a big please. If you are coming to my show or any other during the festival then please remember, the show will start without you. Some shows will even have a lock out so you don’t interrupt and sometimes you will miss the point of a show.

There’s not a lot of point to my show but if you are coming along I’d love to share the whole thing with you and unfortunately can’t wait for anybody.

Don’t forget that $2 from every ticket goes to Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Just proof read all that. One of the most boring, bossy, grumpy advertising things I’ve ever done. Well, while I’m being bossy. BUY A TICKET!! Please. 😁

Here’s the link:-


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Love to all, chat soon

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