I wrote my first blog on this site on 30th May 2013. That was 4 years ago yesterday. WordPress kindly me a congratulatory Happy Anniversary for the big event. Ha ha ha. So my first blog, so creatively named THE BLOGGING BEGINS, was more of an introduction and mentioned about a dozen different things I hoped to share with you over the future blogs. So not much detail about anything. This one will be similar.

I will start with the heading. REPLIES. When I first started this blog I wrote 6 in about 4-5 weeks. Then another 5 and a bit months later, another one. Then 10 months later one more, on 9/12/2013, before stopping for over 2 years. Even though there were hardly any comments, I replied to every single one. Nothing amazing, usually just a thank you. Starting again on 26/12/2016, inspired to share Hayley’s story, I started blogging again. I have hardly done any replies to comments and I apologise. I appreciate every comment and I will work on catching up over the next week or so.

I also want to mention an amazing lady who I love dearly (most of the time). Her name is Sharon. She is married to a top bloke named Michael who I went to high school with and that is how I know her. I talked about Michael in one of my much earlier blogs without mentioning his name, wonder if you can guess which one?

Sharon and Michael have done so many amazing things around the world helping the environment. I know that really doesn’t even go close to touching on what they have done but this is my blog. I will find out if she has a blog and will add a link with her permission to this blog in a later edit so please check back. If not, I will invite her to write one and I will post it on my site here. With my intro of course.

But where Sharon Inspires me and sometimes annoys me (depending on where I am in my world at the time) is she is the sort of person who posts things like this:

and this:

I love these but feel like sometimes, some things that hold us back are out of our immediate control. But I am working on it and I want to be that person who, every time she posts that sort of thing can yell (insert Robin Williams as the Genie voice here) “YEAH!!!! TELL IT SISTER!!!!!”

But struggle at the moment when it involves money. Yep, sooky, excuse making going on here. Not asking for pity but stating a fact. Before Hayley was diagnosed with cancer, we were already heavy in debt. For a long time it felt like all we were doing was floating along and covering the interest without catching up. But then things improved when Leia got a job, then they improved even more with an increase in hours. We worked out that nearly all of our debt would be gone by 31st December 2017.

Then Hayley was diagnosed and Leia had to stop working. Well one of us did so we decided that the one working for a thieving, low life, piece of shit who didn’t pay his employees superannuation as he is legally required to do, is the one who stops working. Next month, which starts tomorrow, will mark 1 year since this started. That debt which should have a huge hole in it is exactly the same as two months before cancer hit our family. Although I do have a better car that is significantly less than 20 years old unlike the one I traded in.

On some positives. I will be finishing filming of my film NOT YET later this year. This is already funded by a crowdfunding thing set up before filming started last year. My next film PROTECTION, I am planning to film later this year I am trying to work out the money, but it will happen.

The Comedy Gallery will be back, with it’s fundraising and support for anyone it can. Just need to find a supportive room to get started again.

I will be doing my first solo comedy show as part of this years Melbourne Fringe Festival called ANDREW BROWN – THE MOST BORING NAME IN ENTERTAINMENT. With the plan to donate $2 per ticket to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. (To be confirmed)

…and I have just been accepted into an acting course that has been at the top of my want to do list ever since I first heard of it. But it is a lot of money in short amount of time. I want to be positive and just say yes and not make excuses but I also have a family to feed and bills to pay.

So what I am trying to say is that if there is someone out there with a spare million dollars that they wouldn’t miss then rest assured that your investment would be used for good. A couple of selfish items like a new house, TV, etc, but the rest would go to spreading laughter, joy, entertainment and charity far and wide through Stand Up Comedy Nights, Films, etc. Creating work, happiness and all that and with the promise that I would do everything within my power to pay that money back, with interest before I die, which hopefully gives me several decades to work on it.

Or if someone could just tell me the winning Tattslotto numbers and I’ll just sort it out myself.

Thanks for reading. Please subscribe, share, comment, etc. Hug your loved ones and a few others and chat soon.

6 thoughts on “Replies

  1. Ahhh Andrew….if I had an odd million, yes it would be yours my friend. What do ‘they’ say? All good things come to those who wait. You probably think you have been waiting a long time, some of us never get what we think we deserve…’cos we don’t put in the effort to make it happen. Somehow I think you will make all your dreams come true, you are determined and you have a huge heart. Those two attributes must make you at least half way there…

    1. Thank you Kate, I believe you would. I would have to disagree with the next bit though. The saying should be ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO GET OFF THEIR ARSE AND GET STUFF DONE!

  2. It will all come together in good time. Hang in there. Wish I had spare money but unfortunately we are in a bit of a pickle ourselves. Much love to you guys always 😘💚

  3. It will all come together in good time. Hang in there. Wish I had spare money but unfortunately we are in a bit of a pickle ourselves. Much love to you guys always 😘💚

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