I Want To Be Famous But Not For Why You Might Think.

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I Want To Be Famous But Not For Why You Might Think.

Yes I do! For two reasons but as always I never get straight to the point.

Acting teacher (legend, master, guru, etc) Howard Fine has mentioned in his book (Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft) more than once that if you are after fame then he has no intention of teaching you. But if you want to be a better actor then his door is open. I hope Howard can forgive me and I’m sure he will if he reads the rest of this.

My first reasons this, I do want to be a better actor. I want to be a working actor. I want to be a successful actor. My idea of success isn’t millions of dollars per film, although I wouldn’t say no too often. My idea of successful is to make a living from my craft. Paying rent on time, or mortgage one day hopefully, feeding my family and paying all the bills on time without having to do anything else except my acting, comedy, writing, etc. Now any level of success in this arena does lend itself to some fame of sorts. So in that respect, I want fame on some level because it means I am doing it. If something is going to happen anyway then it is better to choose it than fight it. It’s healthier that way. But I am not chasing fame for my acting, nor am I interested in most of what goes on with that. I am accepting that some may come as a result.

My main reason for wanting fame is this:-

Allow me to start with pointing out that none of this is sour grapes or jealousy. I do not deny the people I am about to mention deserve every cent they got plus more and I have even helped in anyway I could to be part of what they achieved. Also, this is a happy blog, I apologise if it sounds angry or ungrateful.

I want fame to help with the fundraising I do and plan to do in the future. For example, at the moment I am doing a fundraiser called TARGET 75. The details for this, as I have mentioned a few times, is:-

  1. TARGET 75kg (or less)
  2. TARGET 75% (or less) of starting waistline, so 84cm or less.
  3. TARGET $75 hundred raised for the Cancer Council Victoria

Now $7.5k doesn’t seem like a lot of money but more than a year later with several updates and a bit of an interruption in the middle, I am now up to 10 donations for a total of $797. Now when you consider that 1 donation of $320 was from The Comedy Gallery and the Little River Hotel with $2 per ticket sold at a comedy night plus a jar on the bar to collect change. 2 other seperate donations were actually from a husband and wife donating separately. I can not get any media coverage as I have no big name attached. If I had a bit more TV coverage I could have said $75k and achieved it already. With a full TV profile I could have said $750k and worked a bit harder and got it. If I was in Hollywood I could have said $7.5million and got it in a week.

The thing I find frustrating is that the cause would still be the same. The success of the fundraiser would come from who I was, not who I am raising money for. As part of The Comedy Gallery we have raised approximately $60,000 over the last few years, shared out to several, much deserving causes. I am super proud of my achievements there and equally proud of the team of people to help make that happen but still can’t help but think, if we had a bigger profile we could have easily added another zero to the end of that.

Carrie Bickmore’s Beanies have raised $1 million in a month. Also a great cause and one that I fully support so please click HERE and buy a beanie and/or make a donation as they need a lot more money.

Samuel and Connie Johnson raised over $2.5 million from the 5 cent challenge alone. Also an awesome cause to support. Please click HERE and donate and/or buy merchandise. My family are big supporters of Love Your Sister.

Unfortunately, due to some personal health issues, I will not be able to get down to the 75kg in the time frame, although I am still aiming for it and will do everything I can to reach it. I have 5 weeks left to lose 12kg. Let’s see how I go. I have also been ignored by several health and weight experts to support this challenge.

There is also a big increase of people becoming famous for being famous. From people getting acting roles ahead of trained actors because they were popular on a reality show and/or have a popular social media page.

So, here is what you can do, please:-

Go to TARGET 75 and donate. Link HERE.

Continue to support the two amazing groups above. Carrie Bickmore’s Beanies and Love Your Sister.

Go to my Facebook Page HERE and click LIKE. (boosting the profile)

Go to my Twitter Page HERE and click LIKE.

Go to my Instagram Page HERE and click LIKE.

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Click LIKE/Follow on as many decent actors Facebook, TwitterInstagram and IMDb pages as possible and ignore the reality people.


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Love to all, chat soon.


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